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How can you Assign an Inspection?

The simplest way to assign an inspection is by Navigating to

Inspection Management -> Inspection Home -> Find Inspection -> Edit Inspection,

Assign an Inspection on ReachOut

After you click on edit inspections, scroll down to the bottom of the screen till you see the section called assign. Select the technician and save the inspection. This assigns a technician to the Inspection.

You might like to use Scheduler, to assign the technician.

Call Out #Description
1Unassigned tasks in the Scheduler shows up in the grey box above. This box cannot be dragged.
2There is an Unassigned tasks Section inside the scheduler. This can be dragged vertically to assign and horizontally to schedule the Inspection

If you clicked on the unassigned task in the Schedule & Assign box, you can set the start and end date/time and pick the right agent for the job by clicking the Agent drop-down button.

Call Out #Description
1You can assign the schedule by clicking on the calendar icon
2Click on view agent to select the agent
3Once agent is selected, click on Submit
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