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Completing Inspections Online

Inspections are done by the field agent on site with the ReachOut App from their mobile phone.
Follow these steps to complete an Inspection online,

  1. Open the ReachOut App
  2. Find the Inspection you are about to begin and click on it.
  3. Click on Download Instructions which downloads the forms for the Inspection / Work Order.
  4. Check in to the customer site by sliding the CheckIn button.
  5. Select the Form
  6. Perform the inspection and enter the details in the form and save it.
  7. Add Photos whenever necessary
  8. Add Correction Costs if needed
  9. Get Customer Signature for Correction Costs
  10. Add Invoice entries if required
  11. Get Customer Signature if required
  12. Add Field agent’s signature to confirm completion of inspection
  13. Submit the Inspection
  14. Verify in the completed list to see if the Inspection is completed
  15. The Inspection is uploaded to the server

Here is a video of the steps to follow:

Depending on what the admin selects in his screen the tech would see the corresponding feature in the app when he executes the inspection or work order in the app.

If the admin selects Check-In / Check-Out on the browser, the tech would see the slider button.
If the admin selects the invoice feature, the tech will see the invoice feature.
If the admin selects the Customer Signature Feature, the Tech would see the Customer Signature Section.

Invoice Creation From App

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