Entity Types, Entity Attributes

In ReachOut, entity types are a way of categorizing different asset types or asset categories that need to be inspected or maintained post-installation. You can specify an Entity Type by defining it with custom attributes. For example, attributes might include: model number, serial number, and capacity. 

Creating Entity Types & Attributes

You can define entity types with numerous custom attributes by going to:

  1. Settings > Customization.
  1. Select Entity Types from the tab and click on + Entity Type.
  1. Add Entity Type Details.
    • Enter a name for the entity type. 
    • Select a Form from the dropdown.
    • Add Attributes. Choose a Textbox or Dropdown to define them. 
    • Check the boxes Mandatory and Enable in Mobile, if needed. 
    • Add more attributes by clicking + Add Attribute.
    • Click Save

The saved entity type and it will show up in the entity types list. 

Linking Entities to Customers 

Created entity types and attributes can be linked to a customer.

  1. Navigate to – CRM > Customers 
  1. Open customer details view by clicking the View button. 
  1. In the Location tab, click the dropdown button on the right. Select Add Entity
  1. Add entity details
    • Pick a Location
    • Select a Site from the dropdown.
    • Select the Entity Type
    • Give the Entity a Name & Description.
    • Enter the required Entity Attributes.
    • Save the entity. 
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