Creating an Estimate

When you create a Work Order there is a section to create Estimates, as part of the “Work Order Package”. Estimates can be not included, optionally included, or required by virtue of how the Work Order (and Work Order Package) is constructed.

If enabled in the Work Order Package for a Work Order, the Estimate there can be left blank (i.e., without items), which would mean the field agent could create an estimate using the app, or the estimate could be created using the web application by an field agent, or by an administrator.

An Estimate can be populated with default items and values from the web browser interface and included as part of the Work Order (again, either as an optional or required element of the Work Order).

Estimate Creation

To reuse an estimate that is populated with default values, (without having to re-enter those values again) include that estimate as part of a named Work Order Package. Named Work Order Packages are created in the “Work Packages” view. This must be done before creating the Work Order into which they are to be imported. When creating a new Work Order, select a named Work Order Package by choosing the “Import from work package template” option at the top of the Work Order Package, just below the Agent field of the Work Order.

Relationship of the Estimate to the Invoice:

If an Estimate is included in a Work Order Package together with an Invoice, the Invoice will inherit the contents of the Estimate by default when the Field Agent opens the Invoice on the app. This helps reduce the amount of editing required by the Field Agent when editing the Invoice.

Back Office Estimate Handling:

After the Field Agent submits the Work Order the Admin is able to make adjustments to the Estimate. Estimates created can be viewed, when you click on view work order from the Work Order Homepage.

Estimation Home

These Estimates can be added to the invoice when you make the invoice by clicking on an add all button in the Invoices Generation Section within the Invoices Tab.


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