How to Dispatch a Work Order?

A Work Order can be assigned or dispatched from one of two places.

  • From the Work Order Home
  • Using the Scheduler

From the work order home, you can edit the work order,

Assign Work Order

Assign Work Order

To Use the Work Order Scheduler navigate from

Main Menu > Work Order Management > Scheduler

Using a Scheduler, you can assign a work order by clicking on the unassigned work orders.

Assign Work Order

You can drag and drop the scheduled work orders to re assign and change the schedule as needed.

Call Out #Description
1Unassigned work orders in the Scheduler shows up in the grey box above. This box cannot be dragged. Double click on this box and it will pop-up an assign box shown below.
2There is an unassigned tasks section inside the scheduler. This can be dragged vertically to assign and horizontally to schedule the work order.

Schedule and Assign

Call Out #Description
2You can assign the schedule by clicking on the calendar icon
3Click on view agent to select the agent
4Select the agent from the drop down and click on Assign. This would dispatch the Work Order
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