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How are Entities used?

Entity is the utility, device or thing at a customer’s site, on which you conduct Inspections.
To use Entities in ReachOut, you have to follow the steps below

  1. Create an Entity Type
  2. Create an Entity
    1. [optional] Edit the Entity ID.

Add Entity on ReachOut

Creating an Entity Type:

1. Main Menu >  2. Entity Type >  3. Add Entity Type
Entity Navigation

Call Out #Description
1In the Main Menu Click on Inspection Management
2Click on Entity Types
3Click on Add Entity Type

Create Entity Type

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1Give a simple name for the entity
2[optional] Select an attribute that describes this entity type
3[optional] Checking this box will make the attribute mandatory
4[optional] You can delete the attribute you created
5[optional ]You can add new attributes
6[optional] You can select created or available forms that this entity will use
7Save the entity type and it will show up in the entity types list

Add Entity

Navigate from
1. Main Menu >  2. Customer   > 3. Customer Details View  4.> Add Entities
Entity Type Usage

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1Give the Entity a name
2Select the Entity Type from the drop down list
3Give the entity a description
4[optional] The entity ID must be unique. You may edit the entity ID if needed
5If there are attribute fields, fill them in
6Save the entity
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