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How do I Create a Ticket?

A ticket is any traceable note, inquiry, request or information that you would like to have on record. Tickets are assigned to Admins.

ReachOut -> Ticket Management -> Ticket Home -> Create Ticket

If you have added the customer earlier, Search for the Customer by adding 3 or more characters of the Customer Name or Customer ID in the search box or else you can directly add a customer from here.

Fill in all the mandatory (*) fields.

  • Ticket Subject, Description.
  • Set Priority – Low, Medium, High, Critical
  • Set Status – Unassigned, New, Execution, Review, Closed, Archived (Status can be customized. Here’s how.)
  • Select Source – Email, Phone, Ticket, Inspection, Work Order, Other (This will allow you to track from where the request has come)
  • Set an assignee for the Ticket. Tickets are assigned to Admins.
  • You can also specify categories if required

And Save!

You can view all your Tickets at Tickets Home.

What are Attachments & Links?

  • Attachments can be of file types – jpg, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv and pdf.
  • Maximum size of the files you can attach is 10 MB.
  • Add sample links to relevant websites or similar sources.


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