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How does Logic work?

Hover over a question in the form builder and you can see the option ‘Logic’. Logic helps you set rules for enabling pages within a form. Here’s an example,

Page One – Accessibility
Q1. Is the Customer available at the address?
Option 1 – Yes
Option 2 – No
Page Two – Inspection 
Page Three – Review

Consider a scenario where an inspection cannot be conducted in the absence of the customer. Hence, the field agent only needs to answer ‘Page Two – Inspection’  if the answer to Q1 is Option 1. Similarly, in case the customer is not available for inspection, there are certain Review questions for the field agent, such as, did he try reaching the customer over phone, was the customer aware, etc. Thus, Option – 2 enables Page Three.

Note: By default, all pages are visible. Use the toggle button next to the Page Name to hide/show a page.

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