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How do I create an Advanced Work Order?

You can create an Advanced Work Order by navigating to – Work Order Management > Work Order Home > + Create Work Order

  • Once on the Work Order Creation Page, you can start adding the job details by using the applicable fields. Work Order Name and Duration are mandatory fields*.
  • Under the Schedule & Assign section, click on the Select Agent(s) field and choose your agents from the list.


NoteThe agent added first gets automatically assigned as the Primary Agent.


As you add agents to the work order, a Task will be auto-generated for each agent, under the Manage Agents Tasks section. Task Name, Description and the Start Time and End Time will get pre-populated as default and are editable.

  1. Once you’ve added the agents, fill in other work order details such as Estimates.
  2. Select the necessary options under Primary Field Agent Responsibilities to mark the duties that the Primary Agent should carry out on-site.
  3. Click Save Work Order.
  4. Go to the Work Order Home screen to view your created work order and the field agents listed for the same.

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