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How to Dispatch an Inspection ?

Inspections can be dispatched by assigning an agent to the Inspection order. Inspections can also be dispatched from the Scheduler or by editing the Inspection Order.

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1Unassigned/Unscheduled jobs show up in the Schedule & Assign box to the right of the Scheduler.
2Unassigned/Unscheduled jobs can be dragged from the Schedule & Assign section to the desired field agent’s row on the calendar and vice versa.

If you clicked on the unassigned task in the Schedule and Assign box, you can set the start and end date/time and pick the right agent for the job by clicking the Agent drop-down button.

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2 You can assign the schedule by clicking on the calendar icon and set the start and end time.
3Select the agent from the drop down and click on Submit. This would dispatch the Work Order.
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