How to Integrate Xero with ReachOut?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting platform that simplifies your accounting operations. You can seamlessly integrate Xero with your ReachOut account to manage your accounting thereby reducing time and costs largely.

To integrate Xero into your ReachOut account, first, log in to ReachOut with your credentials to view your account dashboard. Then navigate from:

                       ReachOut > Settings > Preferences > Third Party Integrations

    • On the Xero icon, click on the Authenticate button for connecting Xero into your ReachOut account.
    • Once done with that, Login to your Xero account by entering your email address and password to authorize Xero to share your data with ReachOut for completing the integration. If you don’t have a Xero account, you can start one right away by clicking on Try Xero for free.

  • After that, go to ReachOut > Parts Inventory to sync the parts and components that you have listed in your inventory with Xero. Similarly, go to ReachOut > Customers to sync your added customers with Xero.
  • It is important to sync the invoices added in your account with Xero. Before sending an invoice to Xero, you must first sync that particular customer.
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