How can the Scheduler be used to manage, edit, and dispatch AWOs?

On the Scheduler, you will be able to manage, edit and assign AWO to the desired crew/agents.

An AWO will be displayed as seen below on the scheduler. You have the option to group all tasks related to a single AWO together on the calendar by simply checking off the Display Work Order & related Tasks together on the Calendar option.

You may also edit Tasks by clicking on the individual tasks listed on the right-hand side panel.


Managing and Updating Unassigned/Unscheduled AWO and Tasks

You can also manage and update Unassigned/Unscheduled Work Order and Tasks from the Scheduler.

To edit an unassigned work order –

  1. Click on the unassigned work order under the Schedule & Assign tab.
  2. Enter the Start Date & Time and set the Duration of the job in the appropriate fields.
  3. Add desired agents from the drop-down list.Tasks will generate at the bottom of the side panel, which you can edit further if needed.
  4. To edit a Task, click on the individual Task which will open up the Manage Agent Task(s) pop-up window where you may update the Task Name & Instructions, Agent(s), Start & End Time and enable/disable the Fill out Task Form(s) button.
  5. Click Update Task once done.
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