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What is the Inspection Home view?

Inspection home view displays all the inspections that are added in the system. You can filter the list to view inspections that are important to you. It can be filtered based on criteria like priority, date and so forth. The Inspections can be viewed as a list or as cards in a grid.

You can access a more detailed view of an Inspection and create similar new inspections for a customer. Or create an inspection from scratch.

Inspection Home View

Call out #Description
0Inspection Home where you can view all the Inspections in the system
1Total Number of Inspections that are currently in the System
2Inspections Categorized
3Inspections Needing Quick Attention
4View Inspections as a grid of cards or as a list
5Filter the Inspections based on priority, date, technician and sort the list
6Search for an inspection based on either the last three digits of an inspection or Customer name
7View Inspection Details
8Edit an inspection order
9Delete an inspection order
10Add an Inspection order

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