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What is a Location, Site and Entity?

Customer Components

Referring to a “Customer”

Conceptually, all items — Inspections, Work Orders, and Tickets — used by ReachOut are organized around a “Customer.” Locations, Sites, and Entities are ways to be more specific about where a service is to be delivered.

Customer is defined in ReachOut with a record that includes at least a Customer ID, a Customer Name, and at least 1 Location Address. Depending upon the needs of your business you may also want to delineate a Customer with Location, Site, and Entity references:

  • Location – Location is an address of a Customer. There must be at least 1 Location for a Customer, but more than 1 Location can be associated with a single Customer.
  • Site – Site refers to a particular sub-location, such as a building, floor, or area, like “Production Line 1”. A Customer Site is not required in a Customer record.
  • Entity Type  – An entity type is a way to categorize things that needs to be inspected. (Entities and Entity Types are only used by Inspections, not by Work Orders.) A Form can be customized and associated for use with an Entity Type. You can specify that an Entity Type have up to 5 custom attributes. For example, attributes might include: model number, serial number, and capacity.
  • Entity  – An entity is an instance of an entity type. You can give an entity an attribute value for each attribute of its associated Entity Type.
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