Setting up Work Order Packages

Named Work Order Packages provide a convenient way to configure and re-use a variety of Work Order options and reduce repetitive typing when creating a Work Order.

To create a Work Package, navigate from

Main Menu > Work Order Management > Work Packages

Work Order Package

Click on + Add Work Package.

  • Give a Work Package Name
  • Add Check-In / Check-Out (Enables your Field Agent to check in/check out at the work location.)
  • Add Estimate items in the estimates section
  • Add Forms
  • Add Invoice (Field Agent can create Invoice for the work that has been completed.)
  • Add Signature (Field Agent can collect customer signature as an approval for the work done.)

Add work order packages

Note: Only a Work Package Name and adding a form is mandatory in the steps above and all the rest are optional.

Once a work package is applied to a work order you can still edit the items in the package.

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