What’s a Work Order Package?

Work Order Package is a way to bundle and reuse a set of work order forms, estimates and completion steps.

Work Order Packages

To create a Work Package

  1. Click on + Add Work Package
  2. Give a Work Package Name
  3. Add Check-In Check-Out (Enables your Field Agent to check in/check out at the work location.)
  4. Add Estimate Items in the Estimates section
  5. Add Forms
  6. Add Invoice (Field Agent can create Invoice for the work that has been completed.)
  7. Add Signature (Field Agent can collect customer signature as an approval for the work done.)

Only A Work Package Name is mandatory in the steps above and all the rest are optional.
Once a work package is applied to a work order you can still edit the items in the package.

The Package can be assigned to a work order when you create a work order.
The Package option is just above the Sites / Entities & Forms section.

Package Assignment

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