Today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment leaves no room for errors. Yet chances of errors are rife than before, considering production is now outsourced to different parts of the globe, and logistics plays a big role in the delivery of products across geographically dispersed dealers and customers. While outsourcing and e-commerce improve the bottom line, it raises a pressing challenge of maintaining product quality and integrity.
The advancements in communications and collaborative tools notwithstanding, physical inspections are still the only fail-safe method to ensure product quality and process integrity. As the adage goes, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Regular inspections smoke out errors or glitches at the source, enabling a prompt and thorough fix, without it traveling through the supply chain to blow up in the face of the customer, at times literally, as in the case of Galaxy Note 7.
Mobile Inspection App
Success, however, depends on not just conducting inspections but ensuring the inspection covers all bases.
Take retail, for example, the following are some crucial elements worth inclusion in quality inspection services:

  • Validating processes, equipment, and working conditions in shop-floors to meet  required standards in terms of ergonomics, fire safety precautions, electrical safety, corridor accessibility, and other factors
  • Inspecting the layout, display management, merchandising and other retail-critical functions, for adherence to laid-down norms
  • Random sampling of stock goods or raw materials and components, to establish product integrity and adherence to quality standards.
  • Tracking critical incidents and out of norm occurrences, to ensure timely resolution of all outstanding issues
  • Customer layaway forms, such as checking for accuracy of payments, balances, sending alerts, notifications, and more
  • Inspection on random sample of ready-to-ship or ready-to-sell goods, to check packing details in terms of quantity, size, and other specifications
  • Supervision of loading, shipping, and order processing processes, to ensure no glitches in logistics

It is not that organizations or stakeholders are ignorant of the uses or benefits of inspections. Rather, traditional paper based inspections have often been found wanting. Inspections are often seen as disruptive, generating processes on its own, and being error-prone in itself anyway, negating the very purpose.

Mobile Inspection App: A Savior

As in many other walks of life, mobility comes to the rescue. A mobile inspection app infuses a whole new world of accuracy and enhanced possibilities to the inspection process.
The creation of validation checklists in mobile inspection app ensures critical issues do not slip through the cracks, and processes meet the necessary quality standards. For instance, the checklist may validate whether the random sampling techniques deployed meet internationally recognized statistical random sampling techniques.
A mobile inspection app speeds up processes, ensuring relevant data reaches stakeholders across the value chain in real-time. For instance, uploading a photo of an error or glitch, with annotations, makes the issue explicit to the relevant team, and enable immediate remedial action.
Stakeholders can keep up with the requirements, or remain updated. The employee may log on to the inspection app, to validate compliance with all the required safety and quality processes. The top management, responsible for the factory operations, may check to ensure the shop-floor is compliant with all safety regulations.
Companies can leverage the power of big data, by placing data generated from audits and inspections to analytics. The insights help smoothen out process flow, optimize production schedules to match demand and reveal more.

Tweet: “The best inspection apps increase the visibility for  management, and make explicit trends and insights critical to the business.”
The best inspection app does not just offer a customized set of features to do a thorough job but is intuitive and user-friendly as well.

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