Although consistent, the janitorial management industry is very competitive. The most crucial task for janitorial businesses is to maintain customer satisfaction. From fast response to efficiency at work to maintaining a healthy customer relationship, everything counts when it comes to providing an effective janitorial service. This blog will help you understand the crucial elements that can boost success in janitorial management. 

The Perils Of Ineffective Janitorial Management 

Ineffective janitorial management can be the death knell of the janitorial business. Poor management leads to inefficient scheduling, improper inventory, and poor resource allocation. Lax management can also lead to inconsistent cleaning standards and unreliable service. If the provider does not meet safety standards or compliance requirements, there is a risk of accidents, leading to fines and damages. Such situations lead to costs spiraling out of control and the service provider incurring losses. The cleaning staff may also suffer from low morale due to unclear expectations, inadequate training, and a lack of resources to do their job. Janitorial service providers survive on reputation and word-of-mouth. Poor quality of work and degraded customer satisfaction will soon result in lost contracts and employee churn. The provider will soon suffer from a loss of reputation and go out of business.

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Top Skills Required For Janitorial Managers

Successful janitorial managers are good managers and effective leaders. They need the following leadership skills to succeed:

1. Organizational skills

The basic skill expected of a janitorial manager is organizational skills. 

Janitorial managers need to:

  • Effective scheduling and management of resources. They must make quick staffing, cleaning processes, and resource allocation decisions. Their job often involves juggling available resources to ensure work gets done on time. 
  • Inspect facilities and always be on the lookout to identify issues and areas that need special attention. A keen eye for cleanliness and sanitation helps them meet client expectations of high cleaning standards. Their success depends on identifying and resolving problems and improving cleaning processes.
  • Track maintenance schedules for cleaning equipment. Any delay due to equipment not working can throw schedules in disarray. Staff remain idle, and frustrated customers cancel orders. 
  • Manage inventory. Effective janitorial managers keep track of cleaning supplies and equipment. They ensure the cleaning staff do not overuse or underuse cleaning materials at any site and that there is no pilferage. They also make timely reorders of supplies to avoid stock-out situations. At the same time, they avoid excess inventory that blocks cash or leads to products nearing expiration dates. 
  • Manage time. Janitorial managers schedule cleaning tasks and allocate resources to meet deadlines. Any delay or inability to meet targets leads to next-in-line clients waiting longer. The one thing clients hate the most is the service provider not showing up at the expected time.
  • Manage compliance. Janitorial managers must ensure the team adheres to all the rules, regulations, and protocols.
  • Manage finances. Successful janitorial managers manage budgets well. They have the knack of keeping costs in check while still delivering high-quality cleaning services. They do so by always reviewing expenses and finding opportunities for cost savings.

2. Technical expertise

The onus is on the janitorial manager to make sure the cleaning work takes place to perfection. To ensure a high-quality, perfect job, they need the following technical expertise:

  • Proficiency in cleaning techniques, equipment operation, and proper chemical usage helps. For instance, a basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work enables them to troubleshoot.
  • Knowledge of safety protocols. Janitorial managers need expertise in handling hazardous materials, personal protective equipment, and related tasks.

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3. People management skills

People management is a critical skill for any manager. The janitorial manager needs the ability to assemble and lead a motivated and efficient janitorial team. Their main people management tasks include

  • Conducting performance evaluations and offering constructive feedback. If the performance is lacking, the manager has to counsel the employee to find out what is wrong. Next, they have to schedule training sessions or make any other interventions. 
  • Conflict resolution skills. The janitorial manager has to mediate conflicts and address issues between employees and clients. They must strive for a win-win compromise and keep the service provider’s interests at the top of their minds.

Communication skills. Communication skills enable managers to relay expectations, provide clear feedback, and address issues. Good communication keeps people engaged and motivated. Effective communication skills extend to good teaching skills to educate and train new crew members. 

4. Flexibility and resilience

Effective managers are adaptable and flexible. Depending on the ground-level exigency, they plan but can change their plans at short notice. They are known for their

  • Adaptability: Successful janitorial managers adjust cleaning schedules and priorities based on changing needs or special events. They remain responsive to customer feedback and take customer requests or concerns to make changes to meet the same. They also address unexpected challenges or issues quickly. For instance, they deal with contingencies such as spills, equipment breakdowns, or staffing shortages with a cool head. They always have backup plans and workarounds, and they can improvise to overcome difficult situations.
  • Approachability: A strong leader is always approachable and strikes a rapport with team members. Janitorial managers who are always approachable get the best out of their crew. They remain open to feedback from team members. They are empathetic to the needs of the team members.
  • Integrity: Successful janitorial managers remain trustworthy and do not take shortcuts. They give credit where credit is due and remain accountable for their actions. They focus on the safety and well-being of everyone around them. They are transparent in their approach. They make explicit the reasons behind their decisions. They never compromise on fair play and do not indulge in office politics or play favoritism among team members. They play by the rules and make sure the team members do likewise. 

How Does Janitorial Management Software Equip Managers

Investing in janitorial service software supports janitorial managers and minimizes risks. Good janitorial software allows janitorial managers to optimize scheduling and streamline dispatching. They can also sync dispatching with inventory to ensure high-quality work. The janitorial software also allows real-time tracking of field staff. Managers can enforce effective control over their work crew. 

Dedicated communication channels allow managers to communicate with the field staff. Field crews can get instant guidance on technical issues, such as the type of chemical or the cleaning protocol to use. Managers can create forms and checklists and deliver them to field agents through their companion mobile apps. These forms enable managers to structure workflows, conduct inspections, and streamline processes. 

Field agents can capture live data, including images and videos, and append them to reports. The data generated by the janitorial service software, such as time spent at a location, enables deep insights. Managers can make process improvements and conduct performance evaluations using reliable data.

An affordable and robust janitorial management software like ReachOut can bring more success to janitorial management with:

  • Easy scheduling and dispatching
  • Paperless workflow
  • Easy documentation
  • Effective job tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Mobility

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