In the vast services industry, fleet management systems are sure to work wonders. Having end-to-end visibility of the fleet helps optimize the processes behind them, which ensures that vehicles, drivers, and associated assets operate at peak efficiency. However, a lot goes on before a fleet hits the road and proceeds to a job location.

Before dispatching fleets, service companies go through a methodical process. Incoming customer requests are recorded in tickets, jobs planned and scheduled in advance, and the right technicians sought out and dispatched, to name a few. Post dispatch, job managers and technicians must execute another set of predefined tasks like collecting field data, preparing invoices, gathering customer signatures, and so on.

In such cases, a dedicated field service management software helps fleets reach job locations fast and guide field teams in performing tasks most efficiently, and cut down on redundancies. This is exactly what our client FleetCam did. As a leader in fleet management solutions, FleetCam was on the lookout for a unified scheduling software that streamlined their workflows and reduced administrative overheads. Their search for the perfect field service software ended with ReachOut.

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Pretoria, South Africa

FleetCam is a high-end video telematics system for fleet vehicles of all sizes. Its advanced video telematics enables real-time vehicle surveillance from multiple cameras positioned inside the cabin and facing the road as well as helps in exception reporting when any incidents or events are detected.

With state-of-the-art features like real-time vehicle and asset tracking, active fleet monitoring, and driver assistance technologies, FleetCam enforces safety first practices to minimize sudden disruptions, proactively manage risks, reduce liability and ensure the smooth operation of fleets.


Challenges Faced

Having to deal with installations of GPS modules and related equipment in the field, FleetCam was looking for a solution that would streamline many of their end-to-end processes such as

  • Managing a large volume of customer requests.
  • Performing installations precisely within the least time.
  • Getting fleets ready and operational with telematic systems.

They sought a solution that helped them exceed customer expectations and win more customers over time.

How ReachOut Helped FleetCam Streamline its Field Activities

After an extensive search, FleetCam stumbled upon ReachOut and was impressed with its capabilities. They settled on ReachOut without second thought despite initially looking through numerous other vendors offering service software at similar prices.

Once deployed, it soon became apparent that several of the inherent features of ReachOut were extremely useful when adopted to their workflows. In a dynamic work environment, FleetCam was able to accommodate its ever-growing requests for installations and service from customers and meet them within stipulated deadlines using a flexible service software like ReachOut.

Seamless access to customer data

FleetCam mainly used ReachOut’s inbuilt CRM module to store and manage its vast customer data. This brought with it numerous benefits such as –

  • Store, search, and update all customer details in one central location.
  • Fetch detailed summaries of past activities linked to a particular customer.
  • Quick access to information for customer-facing personnel to respond during calls or emails.

Customer information was made available to service crews through the mobile app. For each job created, the system pairs the needed customer data so that the technician can refer to details like job history, contact information, and attributes linked to that particular customer. This made it easier for FleetCam’s service teams to know the customer in advance and better understand their needs.

Improvements in scheduling times

Now FleetCam is able to assign the job to technicians keeping in view their availability and workload. Before, they had to manually track and create schedules, which was time-consuming and contributed to a marginal decrease in efficiency.

ReachOut’s intuitive scheduling capabilities redefined how FleetCam created assignments and dispatched field crews. New installation requests keep them occupied each day and they have to send out technicians to install GPS modules, cameras, and related equipment on fleet vehicles. Making the switch to ReachOut enabled a more streamlined scheduling process and brought in more visibility.

Drag and Drop Scheduler

The drag and drop scheduling feature in ReachOut proved especially useful for FleetCam’s service managers to get an overview of the schedules for the day, week, and month to make plans accordingly.

Job Creation Module

The work order module inside ReachOut greatly simplified job scheduling and dispatch. Moreover, they were able to allocate individual tasks to each technician in a team to ramp up resource utilization and for speedy resolution of jobs.

For installs that require a follow-up visit for maintenance activities, the scheduler and work order module made it easy to pre-approve recurring jobs at definite interval periods.

Going paperless in the field & office

By deploying ReachOut, another key area where FleetCam was able to streamline its service processes was data gathering. Digital forms, a feature exclusive to ReachOut helped FleetCam speed up its transition to a fully paperless business. Through this, they were able to completely eliminate paperwork and substitute it with electronic forms that can be accessed on any device from anywhere.

FleetCam’s service teams used digital forms to collect data and access product information while on the field. Using ReachOut’s companion mobile app, technicians were able to gather a wide range of data like photos and notes regarding the installations or maintenance and instantly share it with the back office for verification.

Digital Forms

Forms and checklists attached with a job made it easier to record useful information and cross-check standard installation procedures required for each piece of equipment they are using including GPS modules and camera systems.


Mobile App

Using ReachOut’s companion mobile app, technicians were able to gather a wide range of data like photos and notes regarding the installations or maintenance and instantly share it with the back office for verification. ReachOut’s field companion mobile app further made it possible to digitize the rest of their service activities like collecting signatures and creating invoices. Once a fleet installation is complete, the team is now able to wrap up the job by generating an invoice right from their phone or tablet and verifying it with the customer.