Get the comfortable feel of a well-designed paper form without paper’s headaches with digital forms optimized for mobile. Gather rich field data with customized forms inbuilt with handy features. Do away with paperwork clutter. Reduce manual entry. Ensure regulatory compliance. Boost operational efficiency. Get started.

Streamline Field Data Collection and Sharing

Everyone has a smartphone today. Why carry around paper forms? Digital forms on your device are easy to use, searchable, and instantly shareable. They minimize data entry with form fields that will pre-populate data, validate data being entered, and enforce completion of required data.

1- Streamline field data collection and sharing

Eliminate Paperwork Shortcomings

Enhance your professional image with designed forms styled with graphic elements and typed content. Paper forms are easily misplaced or damaged. Avoid errors caused by illegible handwriting and those introduced when data on paper forms are typed (again!) into your systems. Smart forms can automatically adapt themselves – eliminating unneeded fields on-the-fly or expanding the space available to enter data when required. Today’s tablets and compatible stylus accommodate handwriting and sketches on the digital form… a nice compliment to the smart form’s ability to enter data via scanning QR or barcodes, and inclusion of photos.

Build Dynamic Forms Customized for Work

Digital forms are workflow-driven, letting managers create and configure forms, checklists, and questionnaires depending on the work. Choose from an array of templates or create a custom one from scratch complete with features like drop-down lists, data auto-populate and conditional logic tailored to user needs.

Digitize Existing Paper-based Forms

Replicate the existing paper-based forms that you own – but give them new digital powers. Make data collection almost fun… all the while improving data accuracy in the process.

Work Offline, Sync Data When Back Online

Poor connectivity. No issue. Continue working even while there is no internet. All the gathered information gets stored locally and automatically synced to backend systems at your office once connectivity is restored.

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