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Digitize the operations of your fire safety company, coordinate easily with your firefighters who are on the field, streamline scheduling, dispatching, and estimates, get instant reports on job status, and achieve more efficiency with our all-in-one fire safety software.

Innovative Features to Modernize Your Business

Manage Incident Reporting, Inspections, and More with Our Fire Safety Software

Real-Time Monitoring & Alert Systems

Fire Exits & Emergency Doors

Vehicles & Equipment

HVAC Systems

Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Emergency Lightings

Fire Extinguishers

Sprinkler Systems

Benefits of Fire Safety Management Software

Stop firefighting and start leading with cutting-edge technology.

Those who protect us from fire hazards need the best technology that protects their business. Contact us to learn more about ReachOut fire inspection software.

Manage fire equipment installations and repairs smoothly

Excel in fire safety inspections and audits

Ensure improved compliance with fire safety regulations

Respond quickly to emergency calls and incidents

Mobility to improve firefighter safety and readiness

Eliminate the risk of missing steps in fire safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire safety software allows fire safety service providers to integrate scheduling, dispatching, time-tracking, invoicing, customer management, back-office administration, and field service technician mobile solutions into a single platform. The fire safety inspection software serves as a single source of truth by securely managing all the data records that are critical for your business in one place.

Fire inspection software increases your revenue through efficient scheduling and distribution of your workforce which allows you to handle more installation or service requests within a specific time. The software relies on real-time data to assign the nearest technician who is available to attend to the incident or work order.

Fire safety software frees your admins from tedious paperwork and shifts their focus to important areas of business. Automation of routine tasks eliminates errors that result from using paperwork orders or multiple software systems.

Technicians will be better equipped to serve customers by having custom workflows and customer service history at their fingertips.

Detailed and real-time reporting of active and due work orders or inspections, jobs pinned to the map, etc. help you to stay on track of your company’s performance and focus on the areas that seek more attention.

Fire safety is an emergency service where every second counts. Technicians must reach accident scenes faster and handle risky situations with the available tools and information. Safety compliance is another time-consuming area for fire safety contractors. Carrying out safety audits and inspections and quashing the factors leading to fire hazards can be daunting.

ReachOut’s fire safety management software eliminates the pressing challenges discussed above. Automated scheduling can quickly dispatch your technicians to work sites. Mobile checklists allow technicians to conduct inspections promptly and digitally record and transfer all the required information to your back office. When a customer calls in to alert on a smoke alarm malfunction or a faulty fire extinguisher, ReachOut allows your customer service reps to record all the critical information and tag the details to the corresponding work order.

This enables your technicians to quickly fix the problem without wasting time on data collection.

ReachOut integrates with your favorite apps, like Quickbooks Online and Xero accounting platforms as well as Google Maps. If you require additional external integrations, we can accommodate those under our Enterprise plan.
ReachOut’s Standard edition is available for 7 7-day free trial. Post-trial, you can buy a plan according to your team’s requirements.Learn more about pricing here.
Yes. While ReachOut comes with a handful of predefined, styled digital inspection forms, most customers prefer to build their own custom inspection forms and checklists, so they can include business-specific data which helps them provide superior customer service. You can use our built-in inspection forms or request custom forms.Learn more about pricing here.