• Manage jobs, technicians, and field data in real-time, with improved efficiency and precision.
Service Scheduling Software

A Smart Way to Manage Staff Schedules & Streamline Field Operations

With ReachOut service scheduling software, you can create, assign, modify, and manage field service team schedules and track their status in real-time. Reduce paperwork and optimize technician schedules to maximize agent efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Graphical Job Scheduling

  • Assign schedules to techs with simple drag-and-drop actions on the calendar.
  • Save time on dispatching and improve field force utilization.
  • Track and manage work orders, service team schedules, and jobs on the map.

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Map View

  • Track your field tech’s location on the map to ensure they are on/near the right destination.
  • Oversee technician schedules and work orders across each stage to be in control of your field service operations.
  • Manage multiple teams dispatched to different sites and view their status in real-time to coordinate field operations.

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Field Service Mobile App

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Works offline and syncs data upon reconnection.
  • Field technicians receive notifications about changes to their work schedule using the scheduling mobile app.
  • Field agents can collect data, add photos, complete tasks, create invoices, accept or decline parts, and more.

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Digital Forms

  • Use the inbuilt form builder to create detailed checklists and questionnaires for use in inspections or audits.
  • Our digital forms marketplace offers an exclusive collection of ready-to-use industry-specific forms.
  • Convert existing paper forms to digital forms or get customized digital forms with specific fields created for your business.

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  • Centralized data repository to store customer profiles and service history.
  • Log customer service requests as tickets and link them to new work orders.
  • Service managers and technicians can access customer information, including their location and service history, as well as job details, before attending a job.

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Customer Portal

  • Customers can log in to the self-service hub and submit service requests directly.
  • Track the status of submitted requests or request new services from the hub.
  • Admins can oversee and manage the new service requests initiated by customers.

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Parts Inventory

  • Manage, update, and track parts and supplies to ensure optimal inventory levels.
  • Allocate required parts to field agents for performing installations, repairs, or maintenance.
  • Technicians can access the inventory to view allotted parts and return unused or defective inventory items.

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Quotes & Invoicing

  • Create quotes with detailed pricing info and send them to customers for approval.
  • Readily convert approved quotes to a work order or inspection.
  • Raise detailed invoices upon successful job completion, ensuring prompt payment.

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Accounting Integrations

  • Link third-party accounting applications like QuickBooks Online and Xero with ReachOut to sync and manage daily accounting and transactions.
  • Sync invoices, customers, and inventory data between ReachOut and the integrated accounting platforms.
  • Review your cash flows and expenses and track your financial data regularly.

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Open API Integrations

  • Open API integration allows you to sync data to and from ReachOut. For instance, you can sync data related to tech schedules, work orders, and customers to and from ReachOut.
  • Retrieve data from specific modules in ReachOut for external applications, and vice versa.
  • Securely integrate data between applications for seamless information exchange.

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Service Reports

  • View system-generated reports or create custom reports showing all details.
  • Obtain clear insights like activity and time logs for transparent, efficient reporting.
  • Share job reports with customers to provide detailed proof of work.

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Dispatch Jobs Digitally. Avoid Scheduling Conflicts.

Use our scheduling and dispatch software to manage your field service appointments with ease and confidence. Minimize admin work, eliminate scheduling errors, and service more customers with ReachOut.

Field Service Scheduling with ReachOut

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Real-time technician dispatch notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Service scheduling software enables field service companies to schedule service appointments and dispatch technicians for incoming jobs. From recording incoming customer requests to scheduling technicians and tracking the status of work orders, a service scheduling software like ReachOut essentially streamlines the entire lifecycle of service scheduling, to save your team’s time, boost efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction.

Technician scheduling software is commonly used by service businesses such as plumbing, electrical, pest control, cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, or HVAC service providers to create, assign, schedule, reschedule, and optimize technician schedules.

ReachOut service scheduling and dispatch software allows you to systematically organize and record all your work requests, from start to finish. Your service/dispatch managers can create, review, plan and assign/reassign job schedules – both simple and complex – using the intuitive, calendar-based, drag-and-drop scheduling tools offered by ReachOut.

Every service request can be recorded as a ticket in the system. Raised tickets can be easily converted to a work order in a few clicks. Dispatch managers can review their team’s workloads and assign tickets based on their availability and job priority. Job dispatch and the rest of the processes are only a step away, which will significantly reduce the time taken to move an active job to completion.

Dispatch/service managers can:

  • Get a unified view of the tasks assigned to different field technicians or service groups at any given time.
  • Shift schedules (reschedule jobs) based on technician availability, proximity, and relevancy to the service request.
  • View pending/incomplete tasks as well as new work orders that need to be assigned and prioritize technician schedules accordingly.
  • ReachOut’s mobile field service scheduling app allows technicians to view their service appointments and schedules on the go and stay in touch with their back-office colleagues or supervisors.
  • Service teams can access customer details such as location and service history, and review upcoming job specifications using the field service scheduling app.
  • Technicians can instantly receive notifications about changes to their work schedule using the scheduling mobile app.

ReachOut offers some unique capabilities that allow dispatch managers to oversee jobs effectively.

  • A good example is it gives dispatch managers and supervisors the ability to split tasks for each assigned field agent depending on their skill levels. Division of tasks optimizes workforce utilization and helps with faster job completion.
  • The pipeline view in ReachOut service scheduling software gives dispatch managers a unified view of all the active jobs and their progress as each job moves through different stages.
  • Managers can get real-time updates on the progress of each job and make decisions, and can directly supervise the jobs to minimize the chances of service delays.
  • Using ReachOut technician scheduling software, you can create new jobs and schedule them instantly. Field agents en route or at the customer premises can instantly create a new job from scratch via the ReachOut mobile app without seeking assistance from the back office.