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Computer repair shops and IT service centers deal with a lot of stress every day. Chaotic job management, frustrated customers waiting to get their computers repaired, scheduling conflicts that make technicians less productive – end of the day, you lose clients and reputation. Switch to ReachOut computer repair work order software and get all the service management capabilities you need in one place.

Challenges in Running an IT and Computer Repair Shop

  • Errors in scheduling and processing computer repair work orders, delayed service delivery, quality issues, and SLA deviations result in customer conflicts.
  • Inefficient and outdated methods for managing technician workloads prevent repair shops from accepting more customer service requests, which in turn affects their bottom line and profit margins.
  • Manual methods used to manage inventory provide no visibility on the availability of IT and hardware assets or spare parts needed for repair and maintenance.
  • Using multiple standalone applications to manage customers, repair scheduling, invoicing, accounting, technician wages, leaves, and more will drain your money, time, and productivity.

Optimize Your IT Repair Business with ReachOut Computer Maintenance Management System

  • Track IT device repairs and service requests for computers, laptops, and other gadgets in real-time to generate work orders with detailed records.
  • Digital inspection forms, structured maintenance checklists, questionnaires, photo upload, and intelligent reporting to process repair jobs quickly and efficiently.
  • Computer repair technicians and IT service engineers can electronically submit their completed forms and compliance notes from anywhere.
  • Field service mobile app allows on-site technicians to receive job updates, manage time, access computer inspection and maintenance checklists, collect customer signatures, and complete invoicing from anywhere.

Benefits of Using Our IT & Computer Service Management Software

  • Capture incoming computer repair requests as tickets, store all customer information, repair history, and data on IT maintenance jobs, and data center migration projects without missing a beat.
  • Predefined, as well as customizable computer and IT maintenance checklists and inspection forms, help simplify data collection and report submission.
  • Technicians can complete computer repair work orders, generate invoices on the spot, accept customer signatures and update the job status as done.
  • Ability to work offline when you’re working remotely and sync data when the connectivity is back.
  • Stay on top of IT repair and service jobs and data migration tasks with real-time job tracking, secure and centralized data, integration of accounting tools, and more.

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Top Solutions of ReachOut Computer Repair Work Order Software

Manage All Types of Computer Repair and IT Maintenance Jobs, Technicians, Customers, and More

IT Asset and Equipment Management

Employee and Technician Management


Vendor and Contractor Management


Corporate IT
Service Work


Customer Management


Inventory and

IT / Telecom Service Scheduling

Network Installation and Maintenance

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Expand Your Computer Repair Business’s Reach with ReachOut

Ensure that your customers face no delays due to an oversight at your computer repair shop. Contact us to learn more about ReachOut computer repair shop management software.

Get a single, continuous view of every repair ticket

Streamlined, error-free management of bulk work orders

Efficient repair shop data management and reporting

Faster turnaround time, improved first-time fix rates

Up-to-date records of clients and stock levels

Seamless integration with third-party software

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Computer Maintenance Management Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer repair shop management software is a modern business management tool that allows IT and computer repair businesses to digitize their daily operations and optimize productivity. Business-critical functions, such as creating and tracking computer repair work orders, technician scheduling, dispatching, time-tracking, invoicing, customer data management, back-office administration, mobile solutions for on-site repair technicians, and more are made available through a single platform.

The computer maintenance management system serves as a single source of truth by securely managing all the data records which are critical for your business in one place. You don’t have to switch between different applications to retrieve repair history, ticket status, technician schedules and workloads, customer and invoicing data, or any other important reports.
Computer repair shop management software increases your revenue through efficient scheduling and distribution of your workforce which allows you to handle more work orders and IT repair requests within a specific time. The software relies on real-time data to check technician availability and assign repair tickets accordingly.

The computer maintenance management system frees your admins from tedious paperwork and shifts their focus to important business areas. Automation of routine tasks eliminates errors that result from using paper-based work orders or multiple software systems.

IT Technicians will be better equipped to serve your customers by having custom workflows and computer repair history at their fingertips.

Detailed and real-time reporting of active and due computer work orders or inspections, jobs pinned to the map, etc. help you to stay on track of your repair shop’s performance and focus on the areas that seek more attention.
IT and computer repair shops operate in a highly competitive market. Every customer visiting your shop wants to get their computer inspected and repaired at the earliest. Any deviation from the promised SLA can annoy them and turn them to a competitor. That’s why you need an automated workflow to create and track new as well as pending repairs, order and receive spare parts, track IT assets and equipment, manage invoices or schedule on-site repairs.

ReachOut’s computer shop repair management software is the best FSM software for your IT and computer service business. Automated scheduling can quickly dispatch your technicians to work sites. Mobile checklists allow technicians to examine computers and IT devices promptly and digitally record and transfer all the required information to your back office. When a customer calls in to complain about a faulty computer, ReachOut allows your customer service rep to record all the critical information and tag the details to the corresponding work order. This enables your technician to quickly fix the problem without wasting time on data collection.
Yes, ReachOut enables effective communication with your back-office professionals and your field technicians. This will ensure that your repair ticket workflow is always smooth and timely. Using the ReachOut computer service management software, your technician can:

  • > Receive and review repair work orders in real-time
  • > Quickly navigate to job sites using route optimization
  • > Send inspection reports and job updates to the back-end team
  • > Save data offline and synchronize it later
  • > Be tracked by the back-end team instantly
  • > Upload photos and place requests for spare parts
  • > Get customer feedback and signature
  • > Generate, verify, and send invoices upon work completion
Yes. Running a computer repair shop means taking control of your on-site as well as in-store work orders and maintenance requests. ReachOut’s computer maintenance management system is purpose-built for both web and mobile users. You can download and use ReachOut Mobile App on an Android or iOS-compatible smartphone or tablet. Get it directly from the app store on your device by searching for ReachOut Suite.

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