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6 Ways Telecom Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

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Improving Customer Experience: What Telecom Companies Need to Know Today’s customer no longer bases their loyalty on brands, products, or prices. Their loyalty is dependent upon the service they receive, their experience of a business, and their level of satisfaction. To thrive and succeed in a highly competitive world, your…

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How Field Service Software is Revolutionising the Utility Industry

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The utility industry faces challenges on multiple fronts. Threat from competitors, human resource shortage, increasingly fickle and demanding customers, regulatory pressures, and more pose stiff challenges. In today’s tech neutral age, human resources are often the key differentiator among companies and the major source of competitive advantage. This is more so…

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maintenance management

Let’s Bust Common Myths about Computerized Maintenance

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What Are The Common Myths On Computerized Maintenance? Computerized maintenance offers a host of benefits such as automated scheduled maintenance, timely action, accurate diagnosis, improved visibility, greater control, dynamic reporting capabilities, instant notifications, and more. However, the spread of computing comes with the proliferation of several tech folk tales as…

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customer satisfaction

7 Tips To Boost Customer Experience With Follow Up Emails

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Improve Your Customer Service Follow Up Emails In 7 Simple Ways! Today’s marketers can ill-afford to relax after completing a sale. The immediate post-sales phase is a vulnerable time, for customers with expectation mismatch can cause great damage. Post service follow-up is a sure-shot way to generate a positive impression…

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