Avoid Paperwork! View Customer Details Easily

Stop sifting through paper when a client calls in! ReachOut organizes all your customer details online — letting you view their history, contact details, site information, and more. View past requests, record new requests and deliver awesome services that your clients can’t get enough of!

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Generate Work Orders and Inspections from Tickets

Client requests recorded as tickets can be used to generate new work orders or inspection requests. This helps to track the life-cycle of a customer request with just a few clicks. Take requests from any place where you have internet. No more missing information!

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Everything About a Customer at One Place

Our powerful customer management system helps you add customer sites, their individual entities (entities are items you are responsible for) and raise requests for inspection or work orders against each. More information means more power to your agents to deliver awesome services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ticketing system?

The ReachOut ticketing management system helps you view all your customer information in one place. You can view their contact information, their office locations, sites and even entities that you are providing services for. This level of control combined with a view of all previous services provided to the client helps you manage your customers better.

How does a ticketing system improve my team's productivity?

A ticketing system lets you easily record customer requests from multiple channels like calls, emails, direct interactions, etc. By centralizing all essential customer information in one place, a ticketing system allows you to instantly pull up customer details from anywhere. Besides, it streamlines your organization’s workflow thereby bringing greater transparency, collaboration and efficiency across your team’s activities.

How does a ticket management software help improve customer satisfaction?

ReachOut’s ticketing management software helps you generate work orders and request inspections through tickets enabling your project admins and field agents to know the history of the customer requests. Armed with knowledge, they can do their best at the customer site, ensuring that no customer is let down.

After I sign up, how do I get started?

Getting started with ReachOut ticket management is easy. Just sign up for our forever free trial and start using it! Our customer support team and resources will help you with any help you may need. Not able to find what you need? Just get in touch with us!