Release Notes

We never stop improving ReachOut. Every year there are several major stable releases offering new ReachOut features.Stay up to date and get an overview of the new features included in the releases.

Release 4.3.0 - May 02 2019

  • SEO friendly URL for SignUp page.
  • Re-designing of Account Settings page
  • Tweaked the History page and added more information
  • Ability to add images in styled form
  • List Quotations in the list of premium features: "Upgrade to premium" pages
  • Text corrections in Form builder
  • Subtext for sub sections in preference page
  • Updated the “Under Maintenance” page
  • Added Release Logs in ReachOut website
  • Added premium feature infographics for free users

Release 4.2.0 - Apr 17 2019

  • Display Work order and Inspection attributes on Mobile apps
  • Brought in logic in styled forms for rule based flow
  • Ability to switch the type of unused attributes
  • Handling of special characters in Correction Cost description
  • Settings for Inspection and Work order attributes
  • Improvements in Entity attributes
  • Ability to unsubscribe forms from Inspections and Work Orders
  • Rewording of subtext for each tab under Preferences for better usability
  • Ability to notify users about Feature releases
  • Fixed the issue with ticket description getting removed when a source is selected
  • Fixed the issue with ampersand character in invoice
  • Set the text for checkbox inside attribute (Inspection and Work order) in Settings
  • Fixed error in reports when logging in as Admin

Release 4.1.0 - Mar 28 2019

  • UX Improvements & Bug fixes in Scheduler
  • Performance improvement for Inspection and Work order Listing
  • UX Improvements in Customer Import
  • Ability to choose multiple tickets/work orders/inspections and archive/delete them
  • Setting limit to Inspection and Work order listing in mobile for improved performance.

Release 4.0.2 - Mar 19 2019

  • Revision of content in payment related emails
  • Custom request to change signature size in PDF
  • Fixed customer address mismatch in Work orders and Inspection
  • Fixed an issue related to recurring Work orders/Inspections assigned from 1st day of every month.

Release 4.0.1 - Mar 15 2019

  • Performance Improvement - Invoice
  • Fixed crash on login to the Overview page on Web

Release 4.0.0 - Mar 11 2019

  • Security fixes
  • iOS - SDK Version Update
  • Introduced tabular questions on Styled forms
  • Performance Fixes - Overview Page and Work order/Inspection Count