Keeping a business up and running is an everyday process. Finding new customers for any business is the key goal of any marketing department. Your company might be dealing with Pest Control, or offer Snow Removal services, or deal in Appliance Repair, you will need to amp your game up and find new ways to attract these customers. Many traditional ways are going out of the window due to growing social media advertising and evolving technology. Use these 5 out of the box ideas to get attention and seek new customers.

1> Resident Referral Program

Happy customers are the best source for your marketing. Their word-of-mouth makes a lot of difference in their circle to give you newer customers. Imagine if you have hundreds of them, you can reach for a few hundred more easily. Push them by giving referral perks in turn for a new customer gained from them. A free service, a discount on the annual contract, or simply an incentive will help you push them into becoming your marketing machine. Do keep in mind the cost your business will incur and plan it out accordingly to reward your customers.

2> Adopting Content Marketing  

Content marketing is the key to promote what you are doing in a well-informed manner. You need to keep your customers engaged and provide information to new customers who are seeking information. Remember, that if you do not have much information about you and your services, you are losing out on valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers. Begin a blog, start a mailing list, and make sure these are updated on a regular basis. Writing good blogs with basic understanding will not just keep them informed but also keep your business up in the search engine optimization rankings. Also, keep in mind that your website should also comprise of all basic information so that customers don’t get confused and go to a competitor.

3> Social Media Campaigns

Social media is now inescapable even for the smallest of businesses. Create a buzz for your services and reach more customers by being slightly more creative. Ask your team to generate social media campaigns that are unique, realistic, and actionable at the same time. Generate interest from customers by creating an interactive campaign. Let them answer some questions about the basic service requirements. You can even create contests of sorts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more to see what makes them tick more. Be unique and don’t repeat things your competitors or other companies are doing.

4> Starting Discussions  

Apart from social media discussion panels, hunt through other websites, service-related blogs, and forums to strike a conversation with people. Pay close attention to the discussion and join in to answer their questions, or simply clear up misconceptions. You should not come across as overly defensive or even overselling yourself. The key is to make them feel engaged, understand their requirements, and help them truly.

5> Video for Marketing

We discussed the benefits of social media and today video is on the rise as a source of information. The rise in data providers and live streaming apps, most people have the habit of tuning into videos every single day. And there are pundits who predict that video is going to be the dominant form of marketing going forward. So take a short video of your service, offer free tips on site, create a series explaining concepts related to your company, and have a YouTube Channel that also covers testimonials from your current customers.
Think out of the box to adopt these 5 simple yet powerful way to see a rise in newer customers.

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