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What is the Customer Details View for?

Customer details view focuses on just one customer. It gives you quick access to the customer’s contact information, infrastructure and work history.

From the customer details page, you can manage the customer’s

  • contact details,
  • locations,
  • sites and
  • entities.

And you can also manage tickets, inspections, work orders and invoices for the customer.

Customer Details View

1View ContactPop-ups a view of the site contact and their phone number which can be edited. New Site Contacts can be added. This link shows up if there is at least one phone number provided in the customer contact details page. If this link does not show up, click on call out # 2, to edit the customer information and add a site contact phone number.
2EditEdits the Customer Contact Information
3Locations(2)Lists all Locations. You will also find the address , site contact tickets, inspections and work orders for each location displayed.
4Location MapLocates Locations on the Map. This is imported from google maps.
5Tickets (0)All the Tickets created for this customer is listed
6Inspections (1)All the Inspection tasks for the customer across all locations
7Work orders(1)All the Work orders for the customer across all locations
8Invoices (2)All the Invoices for the customer across all locations
9Add +Brings up the menu for features 10 through 15 below
10Add SitesAdd Sites within a Location
11Add EntityAdds Entities to a Site. You need to have at least one site.
12Add ContactAdds a contact
13Create TicketCreates a Ticket for the location that you are clicking the Add button from
14Create InspectionCreates an Inspection for the location that you are clicking the Add button
15Create work orderCreates a work order for the location that you are clicking the Add button
16Add SitesAllows you to add more sites to a location
17Add EntitiesAllows you to add more entities to a site at the location

The Customer Details View lets you to
  1. View a Customer’s
    1. Locations,
      1. Add a site to the location you are viewing
      2. Add an entity to the site at the location you are viewing
      3. Add a Contact to the site at the location you are viewing
      4. Create a Ticket for the customer for a service at the location being viewed.
      5. Create an Inspection, or
      6. Create a Work Order
    2. Add more Locations while you view the customer’s Location
    3. Edit the Location Address you are viewing
    4. View all Tickets by clicking on the tickets tab
      1. View the Details of a specific ticket list in the tickets tab
    5. View all Inspection Orders on the Inspection orders tab
      1. View the details of a specific Inspection-Id by clicking on the Inspection id listed.
    6. View all the work orders on the work orders tab
      1. View all the details of the work order by clicking on the work order id listed.
    7. View generated Invoices
      1. Download a generated Invoice
      2. Create a new invoice for the customer.

If you are not able to do any of the above actions, check with the admin and ensure you have the required privileges.

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