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Why Do I Need Quotation Management?

Quotation Management enables you to easily track and manage all your created quotes through a single medium.

Quotation Management
Quotation management lets you –

  • Create Create quotations for work orders laying down all estimated costs. Include details complete with statuses and terms & conditions.
  • Collate Organize your quotations based on status, work type, and customer. Gather all details all in one place and collate for easy retrieval and reference.
  • Share At the click of a button, send finished quotations as pdf attachments to customers via email.
  • Convert Easily convert approved quotations to work orders without the need of re-entering client or quotation data.

Quotation Management
Quotations can now be converted into a work order/inspection, wherein the approved quote will be converted as an estimate automatically. This can be viewed by the agent from the ReachOut mobile app when the work is scheduled for them to execute.

Quotation Management

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