How ReachOut Increases the Competitiveness of Your Snow Removal Business

A snow and ice management business has to be on the alert always since snowstorms are unpredictable. Traditional planning tools are inadequate for a business to manage its activities, especially in an industry where things change fast. A successful snow removal business is nimble and flexible to make the most out of the limited opportunities.
When it snows, your customers want to shovel the snow off their properties immediately. ReachOut helps you get the right person to the right place, fast. You can manage multiple customers, properties, contractors and work orders- day and night, with ReachOut’s easy to use interface. Android and iPhone apps help your team: stay up to date, plan routes with GPS, create invoices, and take pictures as proof of a job well done. 
Here are the five superior features of Reachout that will help upgrade your snow removal business. 

1. Seamless Work Orders and Estimates Aid Responsiveness

Successful snow removal businesses offer customers an easy and seamless way of contact. The business responds promptly, with proper estimates or quotes. Executives make a prompt follow-up with prospects to discuss their queries.
ReachOut’s intuitive website and apps allow prospects to request a quote or place orders. Easy options allow clients to state requirements without typing in much.
Intuitive apps make transactions easy. It allows customers to approve estimates, request changes, contact customer care, or pay invoices. Executives may manage profiles, view job history, the status of invoices, and contact information, all in one place.
Apps allow sales executives to deliver estimates, and process work orders. It draws in client history, location factors, and other variables, to generate instant quotes. They may give instant estimates even when commuting or during a meeting.
Field executives who make a site visit for customized quotes or new clients may generate estimates on the spot.

2. Effective Scheduling Capabilities Makes the Business Smart

Effective scheduling is the bedrock on which a snow removal business runs.
When clients make a service request, the snow removal business has to understand the requirements and send the right team fast. Emergency jobs need instant action. Scheduled job needs fulfillment at the agreed-upon time slot without fail.
Some jobs are more important than others. The best scheduler schedules work orders based on priority, client availability, and or location. It distinguishes between different tasks, such as snow removal, shoveling, and salting. It assigns qualified hands for each type of job.
ReachOut’s intuitive scheduler makes managing both recurring and one-time work orders easy. When a new work order comes in, the underlying algorithm assigns the job to the best technicians. The assignment is on factors such as skill-sets, distance from a worksite, and so on.
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3. Real-Time Tracking Improves Customer Satisfaction

Smart snow removal businesses allow customers and supervisors to track operations in real-time. ReachOut’s customer-facing app allows customers to track the snow removal team and the progress of work.
Real-time tracking allows supervisors and managers to remain in control. It will highlight aberrations or trouble-spots, allowing them to step in and effect prompt remediation. Field staff may update the status on the go, and sync with the server once online!

4. Intuitive Invoices Improves Revenue

Invoices are the lifeblood of any snow and ice management business. The best system captures information by itself to the extent possible. It does all the computation work in the back-end and generates invoices automatically. The invoice transmits to the client, accounts and top management.
ReachOut’s FSM allows you to keep track of the invoices, issue timely alerts and reminders, and follow-up until the client makes the payment. It generates accurate invoices, pulling in any agreed-upon discounts or special rates by itself. It prevents any payments from falling through the cracks.

5. Robust Reporting capabilities add Flexibility and Nimbleness to the Business

A successful snow removal business requires robust and flexible reporting capabilities.
A good reporting suite keeps manual inputs to the least, auto-populating the fields wherever possible. It allows attaching files, images, and videos in different formats.
ReachOut’s reporting capabilities allow attaching before-after photos, as a proof of work done. This is important in the snow removal business, where a snowstorm may erase evidence of a hard day’s job!
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ReachOut’s zero-paperwork approach improves the productivity and efficiency of the business. The suite takes care of compliance reports, tax filing, and other essential reports. This allows your employees to spend more time on core business activities rather than wasting time on manual paper works. 
Supervisors may analyze day-to-day activity reports of technicians under them. Managers may collate the day’s activities and generate summary reports to keep track of operations.
Performance reports pinpoint the best performers for rewards and incentives. It also points out training requirements for laggards. The top management may view reports to take strategic decisions such as areas to concentrate, specific products to offer, and more.
ReachOut’s field management suite for snow removal business has all the ingredients expected of smart and modern software. The suite improves the competitiveness of your business by bringing in efficiency improvements and delivering customer satisfaction. Talk to our experts for a free software demo for your snow removal business.
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Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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