How an Integrated FSM Suite Helps HVAC Businesses Prepare Competitive Estimates 

No HVAC business can survive without understanding the time, costs, and margins of each job they undertake. This is highly crucial for them to price their HVAC estimates appropriately. In spite of having a busy year, many HVAC companies go out of business only because they price their services low. 
It’s common for HVAC contractors to miscalculate labor rates or material pricing. Some of them even fail to update inventory or get the bid management wrong. With such issues, every new work hemorrhage cash. Some businesses fail by pricing themselves high, hoping customers will pay for their inefficiency.
For these reasons, preparing accurate estimates is critical to the success of any HVAC repair and service business. Standalone software automates the process but does not solve the underlying issues causing wrong estimates. Here is how an end-to-end, integrated software solution such as ReachOut helps perform HVAC estimates precisely.
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1. Effective Use of Resources

Preparing HVAC estimates is time-intensive, with repetitive, cumbersome, steps. Grappling with spreadsheets, cutting-and-pasting rates from catalogs, and copying templates breed inefficiency. The increased lead acquisition costs make the business non-competitive.
The transfer of information from the paper to the computer, or from a stand-alone estimate tool entails inefficient toggling with different software suites.
An integrated end-to-end field service management software can automate HVAC estimate preparation. This enables the technician to spend less time on unproductive estimates, and find more time to: 

  • Engage prospects who have progressed up the marketing life cycle and get more business. Less time estimating equals more time selling.
  • Engage with clients who have placed the work orders, to understand their special needs and preferences.
  • Service jobs faster, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Keep information organized. The integrated suite takes backups, feeds the analytic engine, generates EOD reports, and more. The technician gets rid of basic, yet all-too-common issues such as forgetting to keep a copy of the quote given to the customer.

2. Improved Accuracy

With manual estimates, the technician juggles reams of papers and calculates, while engaging with the client. This is a perfect stage for mix-ups, mistakes, skipping, and overlooking important information. Arithmetic mistakes, such as inputting wrong variables, mistaking a “9” as a “6” in haste, and similar human errors cost high for the company.
The lack of a consistent system leads to ad-hocism which in turn prompts the technician to make subjective and inaccurate guesstimates. Paper records or even digital files not integrated into a centralized depository increase the risk of lost records or wrong data. 
This is where an automated end-to-end FSM suite helps:

  • Generate estimates after pulling in variables from all sources. A technician drawing on his memory or even static reference manuals do not always factor in eventualities.
  • Offer consistency and integrity to estimates. Cloud-based solutions such as ReachOut offer intuitive mobile app interfaces. This allows the technician to fill in the essential parameters. The app then generates an accurate and consistent quote, factoring in all conditions.

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3. Speed

Most homeowners and businesses dislike waiting for long to get their faulty HVAC systems repaired. Average customers seek estimates from two to three contractors. If everything else is equal, they may select the one who delivers the estimates first.
With speed being the essence of HVAC estimation, an automated, integrated, cloud-based field service management software enables you to:

  • Generate the estimate instantly, and email it to the customer. Manual processes may delay estimates for days, as the technician makes references and cross-checks.
  • Offer in-built systems for approvals and follow-up. For complex or high-value jobs, the technician may have to refer to a senior expert or secure approval from the manager.
  • Dispatch follow-up emails, or issue prompt reminders to the marketer, avoiding lag in reaching out to customers.

4. Personalization

An integrated field service management suite pulls in information from various sources and allows deep customization. It allows the technician to:

  • Generate customized inventories to cater to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Co-opt illustrations and photographs with the estimate. Illustrations that offer near-realistic visualization of the installation allow them to engage with clients better.
  • Prepare multiple quotes. Many customers want to know the cost implications of various options. Dynamic quotes allow instant estimates for different options.

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5. Value-Added Services

An integrated FSM suite allows businesses to provide value-added services, along with the HVAC estimates.
The business may:

  • Tie up with financiers and offer clients access to HVAC financing options.
  • Create branded proposals on-site.
  • Pitch up-selling and cross-selling options.

6. Effortless Follow-Up

Very few customers write a check as soon as they receive an estimate. They often consider estimates from multiple vendors or seek more clarifications. Many customers may negotiate on rates or want to tweak the service to match their budget.
An automated and integrated field service management suite allows technicians to:

  • Track and follow-up estimates. The suite offers prompts, auto-generated emails, and other convenient options.
  • Transfer transaction and customer data to the analytic engine. The insights allow marketers to identify the best prospects and fix optimal rates.

A patchwork of disconnected solutions impedes efficiency. HVAC businesses that fail to invest in an integrated field service management software often lose more than they save. They make costly mistakes that annoy their customers and make them appear unprofessional. Preparing accurate and fast estimates is just the first step. 
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With quick invoicing and estimation from the field, ReachOut offers everything you need to optimize your HVAC estimation process. Contact us to know more! 

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