Energize Your Generator Installation Repair Business with an Innovative FSM Software

Running a generator service repair business involves managing multiple customers and juggling multiple jobs. Staying on top of a highly distributed field service workforce and assets installed on numerous sites using a cluster of spreadsheets can hamper your growth and increase your customer’s downtime. Sign up for ReachOut generator service software and proactively manage your business, both on and off the field.

Challenges in Running a Generator Maintenance Service Company

  • Excessive delays in scheduling generator service, repair, installation, and maintenance jobs that could affect your customer relationships
  • Maintenance and service job scheduling errors shoot up your operating costs and cut down your field technicians’ productivity and time
  • A growing customer base complicates the processes related to ongoing legal compliance and workforce management
  • Though generator service companies execute regular device maintenance plans, lack of automation causes important repairs to fall through the crack
  • Simultaneous monitoring of residential and commercial power generator units and accessories installed in multiple sites is no easy job

How ReachOut Generator Service Repair Software Helps Tackle Your Business Challenges

  • Our FSM software tracks your generator and power backup unit(s) installation, repair, and service requests in real-time to generate work orders with detailed records
  • Digital maintenance forms and checklists, questionnaires, photo upload, and intelligent reporting make generator service repairs more efficient and faster
  • Generator service and UPS engineers can electronically submit their job completion and site/ device inspection reports and compliance notes, right from the field
  • Mobility allows UPS and generator service field crews to receive job updates, manage time, access generator maintenance checklists, collect customer signatures, and complete invoicing from anywhere

Benefits of Using a Generator Maintenance Software

  • Manage new generator unit installations and schedule repair and maintenance jobs without missing a beat
  • Incorporate industry-specific, custom user fields and automate generator service repair and maintenance works
  • Bring your customers, back-office team, field service technicians, engineers, and sales team together and manage everything in one place
  • Allows your back-office teams and supervisors to communicate quickly with your field service staff and send jobs straight to them
  • Predefined as well as customizable generator installation repair and maintenance management forms to automate data collection and report submission
  • Complete repair work orders and process data on site, enabling seamless and quick generator maintenance service, even when you work offline
  • Stay on top of your business operations, costs, and performance with up-to-date reporting, secure and centralized data, integration of accounting tools, and more

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Schedule & Track Any Type of Generator Maintenance Service and Repair

Portable Generators

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Fluid Level Monitoring

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Load Bank Testing

Battery Inspection & Replacement

Changing Fuel & Air Filters

Transfer Switches

Generator Enclosures

Residential Generators

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Maximizing Asset Service Life with Generator Maintenance Software

Maximize your field service team’s productivity and secure more customers with ReachOut’s Generator Maintenance Software. Contact us now to learn more.

Regular maintenance of generators

Automate back-office tasks

Comply with safety and legal regulations

Quick response to emergency calls

Boost Technician Efficiency

Scalable pricing structure

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Generator Repair Software That Works The Way You Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generator service repair software is a program that allows your battery/ inverter/ generator backup business to

  • Schedule, track, and complete your generator installation and repair requests
  • Track services delivered, payment history, installation date, product warranty, and battery/ fuel/ oil changing deadline
  • Stay on top of regular product servicing and maintenance schedules and carry out the same on time
  • Organize your generator installation repair business so that you can deliver service on time
  • Improve the productivity of your field service technicians, back-office admins, and service managers

Generator service software allows you to integrate scheduling, dispatching, time-tracking, invoicing, customer management, asset and inventory management, back-office administration, and field service technician mobile solutions into a single platform. The generator service software serves as a single source of truth by securely managing all the data records which are critical for your business in one place.

ReachOut generator repair software increases your revenue through efficient scheduling and distribution of your workforce, allowing you to handle more installation, repair, or service requests within a specific time. The software relies on real-time data to assign the nearest technician who is available to attend to the work order.

ReachOut generator service software frees your admins from tedious paperwork and shifts their focus to important areas of business. Automation of routine tasks eliminates errors that result from using paperwork orders or multiple software systems.

Technicians will be better equipped to serve your customers by having custom workflows and customer service history at their fingertips.

Detailed and up-to-date reporting of active and due work orders or inspections, jobs pinned to the map, etc. help you to stay on track with your company’s performance and focus on the areas that seek more attention.

Some of our key features include:

  • Field technician mobile app to enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency
  • Customizable maintenance forms and inspection checklists
  • New job creation and ordering of spare parts right from the customer’s premises
  • Route optimization and graphical job scheduling to improve technician productivity and turnaround time
  • Inbuilt CRM to view your customer data, interactions, and service history
  • Integration with external accounting platforms, like QuickBooks and Xero
  • Ability to review and prioritize generator repair jobs based on urgency and assign/ reassign technicians without any complications