Just as an umbrella is useless if it does not open when it rains, a generator is useless if it does not function during a power outage. The reliable functioning of generators depends on regular maintenance and pre-emptive servicing. Regular maintenance of generators: 

  • Enables technicians to identify worn or damaged parts, leaks, and other issues that cause the generator to fail. Proactive maintenance preempts costly repairs and ensures that the generator works when required.
  • Reduce operational costs and extend the generator’s life. The core of the generator is an engine subject to wear and tear. The engine’s functioning deteriorates without regular oil changes, filter replacements, and other maintenance. For instance, a dirty air filter reduces air intake, leading to excessive fuel consumption. If the filter is not changed for long, particles enter the combustion chamber, accelerating wear and tear. With regular servicing, the generator runs without failing to start or shut down when in use for years.
  • Improve safety. Generators produce electricity and come with the risk of electrical shock or fire. Regular inspections identify potential safety hazards and ensure safe operations. In fact, periodic maintenance may be part of compliance requirements. 

What Is Generator Service Software and How Does It Help?

Generator service software helps generator installation and maintenance businesses orchestrate their field operations. The software offers the tools and technology to execute generator service works faster and better than conventional manual approaches. 

A standard generator service software allows the service business to:

  • Streamline the end-to-end service process. Streamlined operations enable speedy closure of tickets and improve customer satisfaction.  
  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks. Automated processes ensure process accuracy and high-quality output. 
  • Improve efficiency and productivity. For instance, dynamic dispatching improves on-time arrival through the best routes. 
  • Overcome the pain points associated with service delivery. For instance, real-time tracking, enabled by accessing the field crew’s software GPS, enables effective supervisory control. 
  • Speeds up installation and repairs. For instance, automated scheduling with inventory sync ensures the field crew reaches the work site with the needed spares.
  • Prioritize and customize their outreach. The generator service software offers targeted insights that allow service managers to make informed decisions. For instance, they get real-time information to prioritize urgent or high-value customers.

The Benefits of Using Generator Service Software

A generator management suite streamlines installation and maintenance. Externally, it boosts customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality output in double-quick time. Internally, it improves efficiency and productivity. 

The software enables predictive service alerts, auto-schedules repairs, routine services, and installations. For instance, the suite tracks and schedules oil changes or filter replacements and creates work orders for such tasks. Preventive maintenance reduces downtime and improves the safety and reliability of the generator. With manual scheduling, some essential tasks slip through the cracks. 

Most service providers struggle to optimize scheduling. With inefficient scheduling, field technicians waste time crisscrossing the town from one job to the next. Automated task assignment to field agents and dynamic dispatches speeds up the process. The algorithms:

  • Identify the nature of work and give priority to emergency jobs, 
  • Matches the field technicians with the skill sets needed for specific jobs,
  • Validates other conditions such as time off, leaves, and working hours.

What Makes For a Good Generator Service Software?

Generator service software has become indispensable for seamless operations in today’s digital age. But not all generator service software is equal or delivers the intended benefits. The generator service software becomes useful only when it:

  • Is easy to use: The best software is easy to use, with an intuitive UX. It offers companion mobile apps with a neat, simple interface, co-opting only the functionality needed for the user.
  • Offers customization. Customizable maintenance schedules combine speed with flexibility. The service provider can set pre-set rules and schedules. They may also override the automated schedules for business exigencies.
  • Gives notifications and reminders. Companion app notifications keep stakeholders updated on schedules and changes.
  • Has robust reporting capabilities. Structured and customized forms enable seamless reporting. The reports capture electronic data. Users can upload images, electronic signatures, and other elements to generate powerful reports.
  • Integrates easily with other software. APIs integrate the generator maintenance software with CRM, ERP, accounting, and other software. The smooth data flow between enterprise systems streamlines processes and eliminates data entry.

Best Practices for Using Generator Service Software

The efficacy of the generator service software depends on how the enterprise uses it.

  • Provide proper training. Field agents and other employees unfamiliar with the software will continue in their old ways. When managers try to impose unfamiliar software, the rank-and-file resists change. User training improves familiarity and makes the field service agents competent to benefit from it. For best results, make sure instructors engage with field technicians one-to-one.
  • Update the suite periodically. Regular software updates are essential for keeping the software bug-free and co-opt changes.
  • Adhere to industry standards and regulations. The success of field service software depends on its fidelity to industry standards and regulations. For instance, scheduling has to comply with labor laws. Also, ensure robust data protection measures, especially for personally identifiable information.
  • Ensure proper documentation and record keeping. The best software comes with extensive yet simple documentation. Any new user could hit the ground running by referring to such documentation. The software also ensures proper record-keeping. It leaves an audit trail for easy troubleshooting and traceability if things go wrong.

How ReachOut Fits the Bill!

ReachOut is the best field service management software for generator installation and repairs. It co-opts all the essential features, best practices, and several value-added features.

ReachOut FSM suite opens a ticket for each work order and allows service managers to track work progress in real-time. The suite automates critical processes and takes care of all paperwork electronically.

The suite offers a slew of advanced features and functionality. For instance, graphical job scheduling, drag-and-drop interfaces, and calendar views ease scheduling. Automation of routine tasks frees the team from the day-to-day operational drags. The forms marketplace offers thousands of customizable forms suitable for all purposes.

Field technicians can access online information and data depositories through companion mobile apps. They can refer to the work order, customer contact details, and installation handbooks and execute their jobs well the first time. Another highlight is the ability to upload job completion status and generate instant invoices.

The route optimization feature guides field agents through the shortest route. Tracking the agent’s locations in real-time gives supervisors greater control over remote operations and allows them to nip any issues in the bud. 

ReachOut Suite’s generator service software helps businesses stay ahead of maintenance tasks. Businesses using the suite improve their efficiency manifold and gain a competitive advantage. Connect with us today and discover exponential capabilities in Generator Service Repair Management with ReachOut!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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