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Effectively Plan, Schedule, and Dispatch

Schedule and dispatch assignments for employees or contractors. Advanced features let you delegate to “team leaders.” Get real-time status and location tracking information. Enable strong collaboration between field workers and the back office. Assign jobs easily with intuitive drag and drop actions – with automatic notifications to the field staff. The graphic display is easy to comprehend and saves time for harried dispatchers while improving the utilization of those in the field.

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Know Your Customer

The customer repository holds the history of all the interactions with your clients. A single view allows you to see all your prior activities with the customer and their past purchases. Technicians can instantly pull up the details of the customer they are to meet next. Customers love it when they see you know what’s going on, and your customer-facing personnel are more confident when they know more about the customer.

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Keeping Track of Your Workforce

Time management is a critical aspect of field service businesses. ReachOut field service software lets you easily track when personnel are, or are not, where they are scheduled to be. Timekeeping options let you automate timesheets, monitor travel times, and confirm the time taken to complete a job. When last minute schedule changes are needed, managers and technicians have the centralized information needed to make the right choices.

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Streamline Business by Going Digital

Keep the entire process — right from the minute a new job is created to it’s invoicing — automated and digitized. Create estimates and invoices. Collect customer signatures on your smartphone. Eliminate paperwork in the field and in the office. Forget the pain of managing piles of paperwork associated with each job. Every form is online, organized and quickly accessible, so that all the information you need is readily available at your fingertips, without any hassles.

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Handle Complex Inspections and Meet Compliance Reporting Requirements

With a single secure portal, audit time data collection is easy. Construct customized, re-usable, complex inspections with “smartforms” that guide data collection from a smartphone with annotated photos. The field service management software’s rich data types and scoring capabilities not only makes it possible to gain actionable insights, but powerful options make the reporting transparent, flexible, and quick. Now you can understand the reason behind every dip or rise in that efficiency curve, and stay ahead in the audit game.

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Improve Efficiency with Styled Forms

Do away with the hassles of using paper-based forms. Switch to their equivalent digital versions or choose from an array of predefined, industry-specific styled forms through ReachOut’s Form Marketplace. You can also place orders for custom forms and get all the forms custom branded with your company logo.

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Work Order Management Software with Styled Digital Forms - ReachOut Suite

Explore the Impact of Digitization on Field Service and How to Thrive the Change

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The customer organization, work orders, and ticket function helped move our new business from surviving to thriving. The customer service team within ReachOut is one of the best I've ever encountered.

Adrienne AElemental Fireplace

The customer support has been amazing, The software is very easy to use and requires minimal training for all involved. The team is always looking to improve the package and take all feedback seriously.

Ross MMidcoast Windows

ReachOut has everything! We can track our engineers, add photographic evidence, send information to customers in professional-looking reports, and get their signatures on worksheets instantly. No repetitive paperwork and easy to use. Saves time and money!

Ronan HugesRota Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management (FSM) Software helps you coordinate and manage field operations through a mobile workforce. The software helps you automate tasks like scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, creating invoices and identifying job status. FSM software is powerful in numerous industries, but particularly those that employ mobile agents or contractors. The way this software uses and presents this information can help you improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and raise employee satisfaction. For organizations and teams using spreadsheet software or paper, a field service management software can be a game-changing piece of business technology. ReachOut is an affordable SaaS-based Field Service Management Software.

How can using a Field Service Management Software improve my team's productivity?

Field Service Management Software like ReachOut consists of 2 distinct but tightly connected parts- An administrative portal for managers or leads, and the mobile app for technicians or auditors. The seamless transfer of information (forms, instructions, notes, pictures) between these parts eliminate the issues caused by – illegible handwriting, long emails, heavy spreadsheets, etc. Technicians can download forms and instructions, and upload results over the internet. This eliminates the need to scan and print or to download forms over USB from Desktop. Software like ReachOut ensures that such online connections are secure and safe.

On the administrative portal, ReachOut provides a unified view across your entire team’s activities, supporting you to stay in control of the entire process. Calendars and easy scheduling features help secure efficient team utilization. View the entire workflow at a glance, to know the status for all tasks and all customers. Send reports to customers directly.

On the mobile app, Technicians can view their schedules and plan ahead.

  • ReachOut manages your photos automatically. Technicians can take pictures, annotate and add these to specific checklist items eliminating the need to reconcile these pictures later.

How can using a Field Service Software improve Customer Satisfaction?

For a manager, all customer information (Ongoing and recent activities, Sites and locations, schedules and follow up actions, work orders and tickets) is easily accessible in one place. Detailed and actionable reports with photos, quotes, invoices, etc. can be sent to customers as soon as the job is completed.

Eliminating errors and confusion in the work assignment process helps field agents get things done right the first time. Field agents can now work from smartphones avoiding re-entering of data at the office. The time saved by your technicians can now be spent interacting with customers to build long-lasting relationships.

Overall, customers appreciate the transparency, effectiveness and the quick turnaround enabled by a field service management software like ReachOut.