Arborists and tree care professionals undertake several tasks. They cut, trim, and remove trees, do tree cabling and bracing, tree fertilization, plant health care, disease management, pest control, stump removal and grinding, landscaping, and other tasks. All these tasks require lots of coordination. Optimal operations depend on synchronizing several variables. Many of these variables are under third parties, and in the field, outside the direct control of the tree care business. 

The Benefits of Arborist Software 

Arborists operate in a competitive, demanding, and risky environment. Tree care software allows them to streamline operations. Using the tree service software, managers can manage all activities and keep track of employees and work schedules. 

The software:

  • Optimize schedules to ensure timely execution of tasks, with minimal wait time for customers.
  • Despatches field crew to work site through the best routes by integrating with maps.
  • Streamline supporting tasks such as inventory and invoicing.
  • Deal with business and employee management challenges such as safety and equipment management.
  • Enable GPS tracking of field agents, allowing managers to control operations. Real-time tracking options enable managers to intervene and sort out any issues.
  • Offers APIs for seamless integration with CMS, accounting, and other enterprise software. Seamless integrations ensure smooth data flow.
  • Integrates invoicing into field service operations.
  • Automates back-office tasks such as accounting and record-keeping.
  • Enables tracking and following up of regular tasks such as periodic maintenance of trees and pruning of branches.

Companion field service mobile apps enable access to up-to-date information and real-time collaboration. Field agent productivity and time-to-completion improve. They may, for instance, check the approvals before cutting a tree. Field agents can use the suite to create estimates and invoices and take payments. 

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Features of a Good Tree Care Software

Good arborist software comes with comprehensive feature sets and value-added functionality. The best software is also flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of arborists or tree management professionals.

Look for the following features in arborist software.

  • Scheduling and dispatching. Look for arborist software that automates scheduling. A centralized platform allows managers to assign jobs, view schedules, and track progress in real-time. The benefits include improved time management, lesser scheduling conflicts, and improved efficiency. The software integrates with maps and guides the tree care crew through the best routes to their destination.
  • Inventory management. Routing tree care tasks through the arborist software streamline inventory management. A proper inventory management system allows managers to track equipment, tools, and supplies. They can monitor inventory levels, reorder supplies, and manage equipment maintenance schedules. 
  • Real-time updates. Arborist software tracks the movement of field agents in real-time using GPS. Real-time updates ensure field agents have access to the latest information. Effective communication and coordination between team members minimize errors and improve operational efficiency. For instance, field agents get real-time updates on a sudden change in a tree-cutting job due to delayed approval. The scheduler can redirect them to another position without wasting time. 
  • Integrated collaboration and communication options.  The arborist software centralizes data to make information accessibility and retrieval easy. Managers may configure the software to allow field agents access to resources and repositories. Also, routing communication through the tree service software enables seamless information exchange. Field agents can get clarifications quickly, avoiding miscommunication. The suite offers a log of all communication, enabling easy retrieval. 
  • Electronic forms and reporting. Digitized forms and reports eliminate messy paperwork and structure workflows. For instance, tree cutters must comply with local regulations and safety protocols. The related paperwork is onerous. Field agents can download relevant forms and checklists and follow these regulations. They can use these forms and checklists and generate reports through companion mobile apps. The forms automate the data gathering. Agents can append images and videos of work done and collect electronic signatures. 
  • Mobile accessibility. The best tree service software is cloud-based and accessible through companion mobile apps. Mobile apps offer field agents access to ready information and real-time updates. Field agents can view schedules, dispatch reports, and log processes using mobile apps. The real-time tracking capabilities and the robust collaboration options also depend on mobility.
  • Integrated invoicing. Arborist software simplifies and automates the invoicing process. The software auto-generates invoices and emails the customer when the field agent marks the work as complete. The tree care software integrates with accounting systems. Record-keeping and financial management become instantaneous and effortless.
  • Robust integrations. Good arborist software integrates into existing workflows. The suite offers robust APIs that connect to CRM and other enterprise systems. Businesses can use such integrations to manage customer information, communication history, and service preferences. 
  • Analytical insights. Integrating analytical tools allow arborists to make informed decisions. They may use deep insights to provide personalized and tailored services to customers.

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How to Select the Right Arborist Software

Manual methods, or even the first-generation spreadsheet-based methods, are error-prone. These options cause delays and derail the quality of service. Many jobs slip through the cracks, and miscommunications lead to delays or wrong jobs. 

It is far better to invest in a comprehensive cloud-based tree service software such as ReachOut. ReachOut’s automated tree service software improves process accuracy and speeds up work execution. Timely completion of tasks delights customers.

The comprehensive feature set makes work easy and enables end-to-end integration of workflows.

The suite allows generating a ticket for each approved work order, making follow-ups easy. 

The scheduler can assign field staff to specific jobs depending on their skill levels and certifications. They can also apply filters such as restricting the shifts to working hours. The easy calendar views and drop-down interfaces give a bird’s eye view of all schedules and make assignments easy. Dynamic dispatching guides the field crew through the best routes. 

Many field staff do not have enough experience or training. The mobile app offers them easy access to knowledge repositories that guide them step-by-step in their work processes.

The forms marketplace with hundreds of ready-made forms enables paperless operations. Users can upload custom stylized forms as well. Arborists can use these forms to ensure work output on the desired lines, with compliance with safety and other regulations.

Robust APIs integrate with accounting, CRM, ERP, and other software. Seamless integration ensures smooth data transfers and improves overall enterprise efficiency.

Paperless reports, electronic data and signature collection, integrated invoicing, and other value-added features make ReachOut tree care software a must-have for any arborist. 

ReachOut offers the best end-to-end tree service software for arborists. The tree care software facilitates seamless field service operations, scalability, and growth. Contact us now to learn more!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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