Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic have ushered in a digital-first world where people prefer to engage digitally. Hyper-competition forces businesses to digitize and seize opportunities fast. Service providers co-opt automated tools for better visibility and control over day-to-day operations. For HVAC service providers and contractors, field service management software delivers these benefits.

1. Getting job allocation right

The HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance landscape are complex. There are several types of equipment at play, and every kind of equipment has different brands, with each brand having varying models. For instance, servicing a heater is different from repairing an air-conditioner. Servicing legacy equipment may need experienced hands. Some complex machinery needs service by certified technicians. Any other technician laying hands on the machinery risks voiding the warranty. 

When a new work order arrives, the scheduler shortlists contractors on qualifications and experience. Next, the scheduler identifies eligible contractors available for the work order. Not all contractors will be available all the time. 

Manual scheduling is inefficient and error-prone. Many HVAC service providers work with outdated technologies and practices, worsening the inefficiencies. Mistakes happen, leading to contractors losing opportunities and customers getting annoyed.

Automated scheduling software for contractors streamlines the process. Good scheduling software for contractors:

  • Shortlisted contractors for specific jobs, considering qualifications and experience. The software taps into the contractor database containing skill and experience details.
  • Assigns eligible contractors for the job, considering holidays and preferred work timings.
  • Distributing work equitably among available contractors to balance workloads.

Efficient scheduling is a fine art of balancing work execution with workload management. 

2. Dynamic dispatching

Efficient field service operations depend on dynamic dispatching. 

After the scheduler assigns a contractor, the onus is on the dispatcher to ensure operations efficiencies and cut waste. Here again, field service management software helps. Good scheduling software for contractors:

Plot the assigned work order for the day so the contractor can stay on track without backtracking.

Integrates with maps to assess live traffic and road conditions and guide the contractor through the best routes. The shortest route to the work site need not always be the best route. The HVAC software makes information on the fastest route accessible through the contractor’s tablet.

3. Structured workflows and reporting

Field service software allows contractors to download forms and checklists. The service provider may create forms to route the work in a specific order. Checklists guide the contractors through the order of tasks.

The mobile app of the suite enables contractors to attach images and videos to forms, making reporting more powerful. The app also auto-populates form fields, improving accuracy and efficiency manifold.

Automated and structured workflows spare field agents the time-consuming task of reporting. They may use the time to service more equipment and generate more revenue.

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4. Controlled operations

Most fieldwork takes place in a remote and independent environment. Direct supervision is a challenge. Moreover, contractors operate on several work sites, making tracking and auditing of work difficult.

Seamless operations depend on efficient coordination, collaboration, and communication among stakeholders—the unemployed, including project managers, technicians, support staff, and customers. The field service management software creates synergy and simplifies work execution. 

Good field service management software enables:

  • Breaks between jobs for contractors. 
  • Structured and traceable communication through the mobile app. Stakeholders may refer to the logs later.
  • Contractors to access information through integrated dashboards. They may access the work order, service history, instruction manuals, and other information. All information becomes available through the smartphone app. 
  • Managers to track contractors in real time. The FSM suite leverages the field contractor’s GPS and offers accurate ETAs at the following location. Managers who identify issues may nip it in the bud.

Inaccurate or outdated job information and manual report filings are enormous time wasters. The field service management software streamlines access to information and improves productivity. Contractors could move on to the next customer without wasting time on unproductive activities.

How ReachOut helps

ReachOut HVAC software offers several benefits for day-to-day operations that involve contractors. 

Easy calendar views, coupled with drop-and-drag interfaces, make scheduling easy. The scheduler gets a bird’s eye view of the work allotment and may assign work easily. Likewise, they may assign work to groups, with specific job responsibilities for each group member.

The mobile app enables contractors to remain in the loop and collaborate with their supervisors. The contractors get updates, such as changes in work assignments and reminders of upcoming jobs. The app offers access to all relevant information through integrated dashboards with a neat UX.

Stylized forms keep information organized. 

Mobility makes automation easy. APIs collect data from the quote, timesheets, and other databases. Email client configuration allows auto-dispatch of the invoice to the customer. The contractor may also use the field service pp to collect payment. Native integration with QuickBooks or other accounting suites, automate accounting and payroll. Integrations with the CRM update client details as well.

The forms marketplace allows contractors to download relevant forms for the job. ReachOut offers hundreds of readymade forms for all eventualities. The service provider may also upload stylized or customized forms.

ReachOut field service management software automates clerical tasks such as invoicing and payment collection. As the contractor marks work as complete, the field service system works in the background to auto-generate an invoice. Backed integrations streamline, including payment collection, accounts and payroll, and CRM updates. 

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The HVAC software also automates invoices. APIs collect data from quotes, timesheets, and other databases to populate the invoice. Email client configuration allows auto-dispatch of the invoice to the customer. The contractor may use the field service app to collect payment. Native integration with QuickBooks or other accounting suites, automate accounting and payroll. Integrations with the CRM update client details as well.

ReachOut scheduling software for contractors boosts productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and increases profitability at the same time. The software identifies service gaps, improves first-time fix rates, and enables informed decisions.

ReachOut Suite is a powerful tool that boosts workforce productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and increases company profits, all at the same time. The software identifies service gaps, improves first-time fix rates, and allows contractors to make informed decisions.

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Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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