New question types - mobile and web
We are excited to announce a new version of the ReachOut mobile app, available for download now. This new app is available for Tablets and Smartphones. Why a new app?
As you probably know by now, we are constantly improving and adding more to ReachOut. New features, UI tweaks, enhancements – all to help you get more done with less. This release of the ReachOut mobile app supports 4 new question types- “Date and Time”, “Rating”, “Number” and “Drop downs”- all designed to speed up mobile data entry and provide more clarity for analysis.
Upgrading is easy -All mobile users will receive a notification on the app, informing them about the new version. Once you receive the notification, click on it to access the app store for an auto upgrade. If you have not received the notification, you can upgrade directly from the app store:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you may need support to upgrade your app.

New question types

This release of the ReachOut mobile app supports 4 new question types- “Date and Time”, “Rating”, “Number” and “Drop down”- all designed to speed up mobile data entry and provide more clarity for analysis.  These new question types are available in the form builder alongside the other form building options.
All questions types are available when you build a form

Date and Time:

Request your team to enter a specific date and/or time on the form. This question allows you to capture date and time information, in a consistent format, across your team.

Date and time question type on mobile


There are times when you want your team to provide you with numerical values, instead of text. Use the Number question in such situations. A response may have upto two decimal points.


Rating questions let your team answer a question on a scale of 1 to 5, by dragging an interactive slider, on both the mobile app and on web.

Rating question type for mobile and webDrop down question:

The dropdown question is an easy way to display a long list of multiple choice answers, giving your team a scrollable list of answers to choose from. A drop down is a useful substitute for a multiple choice question, either when you have a question with many options, or when you have too many questions on a page.
Adding a Drop Down question - web

ReachOut’s form builder is a simple and yet powerful tool to gather data. For a quick refresher on how to use forms, check this article from our knowledge-base. As always, before you publish a form,  use the preview option to ensure that the form is easy to use and provides you with all the information you need.
So, what’s next?
We are working on iPad and Android apps, which we hope to release in a couple of weeks. These apps will have all the features that you already use on your smartphones, packaged in a familiar UX to take full advantage of the larger tablet screens.
We hope that everyone is doing great and that ReachOut is helping your business get more done, with less.
Have a great day,
The ReachOut team.

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