Multi-Crew Option Broaden Workforce Management Capabilities

White Plains, New York – 27 April 2020: ReachOut Suite, the leading cloud-based field service management software from Fingent has launched a new multi-crew feature for its premium users called Advanced Work Order (AWO). AWO is an enhancement of ReachOut’s Work Order Management module that enables users to assign and dispatch multiple field agents for a work order. Users can also create and assign specific tasks for field agents to carry out on-site using the AWO feature. 
With each new update, ReachOut is continually evolving to meet the needs and demands of field service companies operating in various industries. Using AWO, service firms can virtually step up the efficiency of their delivery processes by giving more control over how they manage and dispatch their workforce based on service requests. 
Assigning a single field agent for a work order is not a viable option especially if the work involved is way too complicated for just one person to deal with. In such cases, dividing up roles and responsibilities to different agents on-site becomes a much more feasible way to ensure timely completion of work. 
AWO’s multi-agent assigning option gives service managers the ability to assign the right field agents for a job and also break down the work into easily executable tasks. This not only allows field agents to complete a job within the stipulated time frame but also shorten the volume of work that they need to perform at each job site. 

Advanced Work Order – Key Features

Multi-agent Assigning – Add multiple field agents for a job and designate one of them as the Primary Agent who is responsible for supervising the team and submitting the work order once all other agents have completed their assigned jobs. 
Create & Manage Tasks – Create individual Task(s) for field agents and lay down detailed instructions to guide them through their assigned jobs. The Primary Agent can update these tasks and mark them as complete once the other agents are done with their assigned task.
Improved User Interface – AWO brings an improved user interface for the Scheduler and a new look for the Work Order Module in the web application and the mobile app.

About ReachOut Suite

ReachOut Suite is a cloud-based field service management platform, designed and developed by Fingent, a leading web and software development company, to streamline workflows and operations of service companies. Inside ReachOut are an array of prolific tools designed to simplify how service managers process customer requests, dispatch technicians, create invoices, monitor work statuses, and many more. 
Available as a web backend and companion mobile app, ReachOut enables remote operations management and promotes collaboration between service managers and field agents to help fulfill scheduled works at utmost efficiency, much to the satisfaction of the customer. 

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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