We are excited about the new features being added to ReachOutSuite this month. These features impact tickets and rescheduling activities for field agents.
Ability to attach documents & descriptions for tickets, inspection and work orders.
The team leader or the administrator can upload documents under inspection and work order. Different formats like PDF, Doc, xls, csv etc. can be uploaded. Images can also be uploaded provided they are in jpeg and png format. Files can be uploaded upto 5mb in size. For example, if an attachment or a description is provided for a ticket and then a work order is created under that ticket – the documents gets transferred to field agents mobile application.

Rescheduling work order and inspections from the mobile application
What if your customer is not available at the location? We are bringing you an ability to reschedule your work to a different day and time after checking with your customer. This feature now allows the field agents to reschedule a work order or an inspection from his mobile app by selecting a different schedule without prior permission from the team leader or the administrator.

Tickets Module – Mobile Responsive

Ticketing module can be accessed via Reachout web app, on the mobile phone. This would now enable admin or team lead who wants to raise a ticket while they are on the field. They can do so by accessing the web app on their mobile phone which has an improved interface for creating tickets on the go. This means the admin would not require to go back to his desk to create or raise a new ticket while he is on the field.
We hope these features make ReachOut suite more useful! Have questions? Need help? You can contact us on live chat and email for support.

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