The delivery of service to a customer invariably requires getting several things done at the backend, triggering many variables, to execute a chain of events. The more seamless the workflow, the faster the execution of the service, and more rewarding the customer experience.
Strange as it may seem, many enterprises still use paper-based systems to manage their service operations, as they can never take the time required to invest in a new team, and are anyway hesitant to invest money in it. Investing in a service management software is well worth the while, having the potential to transform enterprises to a whole new level, improving accuracy, accelerating the workflow, unlocking several insights not possible, enhancing customer satisfaction extent, and leading to overall all round efficiencies.

Service management softwareThe Basics of Service Management Software

Even the most rudimentary field service management software automates the following core service functions:
• Scheduling of tasks
• Tracking progression of tasks
• Managing quotes
• Billing and invoicing
• Inventory and dispatch management
• GPS navigation for field service suites
• Work order management
• Technician and personnel management
As the adage goes, “anything not automated will slow you down”. Automation accelerates the workflow and spares executives from being bogged down with such routine tasks, allowing them to spend more time on their core competency, with the customer, or to further their business.

Field Service Management Suite

Field service management suites go a step further in delivering additional efficiencies, by making it very easy to coordinate field management operations. A standard field management suite logs and tracks service schedules and complaints, assign technicians, track the movement of technicians, notify clients of the expected arrival time of technician, track the progress of work, links to the command and control center for assistance in troubleshooting, generates the invoice, and take feedback. Without a service management software, the entire process would be chaotic, marked by ad-hocism and confusion. Much energy would be wasted on technicians seeking confirmation on what to do next, services getting postpone for lack of timely communication or instructions, customers repeatedly contacting customer care to know when the technician would arrive, and much more.

Field Service SoftwareService Management Software Implementation Best Practices

However, service management solution delivering efficiency is not given. The suite delivering on its intended purpose, and boosting efficiencies depends largely on how the suite is conceived, developed, and executed.
Understand the business requirements. Especially be aware of the pain points, and design a workflow on how the service management software would improve such pain-points. Estimate the required capabilities and the metrics used to measure success, and make sure to co-op in the service management software.
Successful software development is a collaborative process, involving not just the developers, but also business managers, end users of field technicians who would be using the suite, and other stakeholders. Institute a system in place for seamless collaboration, and make sure to co-opt user requirements to the software. Software design is not a one-off project, but a continuous process, with the suite updated to reflect the changed business and environmental realities.
Mobility solutions are growing at an exponential pace. The best service management software offers delivery through mobiles, preferably through apps. App based delivery allow field executives, managers on the move, and even remote offices to update the system in real time, improving accuracy, boosting productivity and improving the quality of decisions to no small extent. With service management powered by mobile apps, the stakeholder can get the latest information, and take the required action, in real time, without waiting to get to the office or make a follow-up for want of information.
Institute ticketing capability in the service management solution. When customers make a request, a ticket is generated and assigned to the appropriate technician or executive. Each ticket, which denotes an incident, may be linked to problems, change requests, and more. Such a ticket based workflow make it easy to track the progress of work, control the scope of work and pending orders.
The entire problem and workflow may be throughout their life cycle and recorded in a knowledge repository, for fine tuning the system to prevent similar incidents in future, and for prompt or pre-emptive action if similar issue flares up later.
Efficient service management solutions streamline the entire service request management, from creating the incident to resolution, automate all possible tasks in its wake. The suite integrates seamlessly with IT operations management (ITOM) solutions, such as network management, server monitoring, and remote support software, to make the entire operations seamless and tightly integrated.
As the indispensability of service management software becomes more and more evident with every passing day, the market is in a state of churn, with many new vendors cropping up every year, and existing vendors increasing their capabilities. Opt for a vendor who has withstood the test of time, and who has a dedicated and talented team who can walk the talk. We fit the bill in all aspects, having delivered cutting edge service management solutions for a host of companies, cutting across sectors.

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