The world will always need landscapers to maintain their lawns and gardens. But landscaping businesses cannot expect to get clients just by starting up. The business is competitive and margins razor-thin. The business is also knowledge-intensive. In addition, several extraneous challenges threaten viability. A lawn care or landscaping software enables landscaping businesses to overcome such challenges. Here are the top three advantages of deploying landscaping software.

1. Effective Scheduling

Scheduling is a major hassle for any field service business. Customer satisfaction depends on fulfilling work orders fast. For this, the business has to identify a field team to do the job and make sure they reach the client’s location in the shortest time.

Managing schedules using sticky notes or even an excel sheet is a sure route to disaster and avoidable stress.

A landscaping software matches field teams to open work orders. The scheduler may assign the work order to the team nearest to the worksite.

But scheduling is rarely straightforward. The dynamics change fast. Field workers may call in sick, forcing reassigning another team or rescheduling the job. Customers may cancel or seek a rescheduling on a whim. External conditions outside anyone’s control, such as a lockdown, may force cancellation. When the work team reaches the customer’s premises, they may meet with unexpected challenges, which may delay work execution. Most of these situations also influence downstream jobs assigned to the work team. In such situations, the algorithm changes downstream jobs affected by the change.

ReachOut field management software offers an easy drag-and-drop calendar. The dynamic calendar, which updates in real-time, makes explicit the live status of each field team. The scheduler may assign or edit work orders. They may assign special tasks for each team member, depending on their skills or roles. They may even set up recurring tasks for lawn care, equipment maintenance, and other repetitive tasks. The software delivers good savings through effective time management. It ensures field agents serve maximum clients during their working hours. Prompt notifications keep field agents, customers, and other stakeholders in the loop.

Intuitive dashboards enable field agents to access schedules, client communication, saved documents, and other resources from one place. 

The spin-off benefits include transparency. Stakeholders get access to the data and resources relevant to them. They understand what is going on and may perform their role at the right time. Field agents, for instance, understand the bigger picture of company vision or profitability instead of approaching their jobs on a transactional basis.

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2. Real-Time Tracking

Assigning work to a field team is only part of the solution. First, the assigned team has to reach the client premises on time.

Lawn care software equipped with GPS and integrated with maps ensures effective dispatching. The software plots the best route to the worksite, factoring traffic, diversions, road conditions, and other factors.

It is not enough for field agents to reach the work site fast. First-time fix and customer satisfaction depend on the agents reaching the work site equipped with the correct tools. Lawn care work is equipment intensive. Most jobs need lawnmowers, blowers, trimmers, chemicals, safety gear, and other tools. Any item consumed needs prompt replenishment. Any equipment that breaks down needs instant repair or replacement. Lawn care software tracks all these assets in real-time. Smart inventory management using landscaping software equips work teams with the tools and spares to do the job. The software makes it easy to create preventative maintenance schedules. The software can track equipment usage patterns and schedules service on reaching thresholds.

Live tracking also improves operational control and streamlines workflows. For example, landscaping operations conducted at client locations are outside direct supervision. A lawn care app linked to the cloud-based suite enables supervisors to track work in real-time. The app guides field teams to work according to the fixed method and work routine. Field agents may also download forms and checklists to make sure they cover all bases.

ReachOut field management suite enables efficient dispatches. Turnaround time and technician productivity improve drastically. End-to-end visibility of field agent schedules streamlines operations. APIs ensure the frictionless flow of data between the inventory-management suite, CRM, and other enterprise software. The option to create stylized forms enables custom forms, replicating the incumbent pen and paper forms. As a result, there is zero loss of productivity, which is usually inevitable when introducing new systems. 

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3. Streamlined Invoicing

Invoices and payments are the lifeblood of any business. Without prompt and accurate invoices, no business will survive for long.

Landscaping software allows field teams to generate invoices immediately after work completion. The suite tracks the geolocation of the field team’s smartphone to calculate the number of hours spent at the site. APIs pull rates and any special offers promised in the quote. The invoice, generated automatically, goes to the client’s inbox.

Integration of the landscaping software with payment platforms allows field teams to collect payment before leaving. Integration with popular accounting software streamlines and automates accounting. As a result, the business does not have to waste hours in manual data entry and verifications.

The automated process improves accuracy and customer satisfaction. Manual data entries cause errors. Alternating between systems leads to important data slipping through the cracks. Workforce efficiency improves as well. Field teams, supervisors, customer support agents, and others become free of routine tasks and may focus their energies on high-value tasks. Small clients especially appreciate the convenience of making payments to the field agent’s mobile app.

ReachOut field service apps integrate with payment collection portals such as PayPal and accounting software such as Quickbooks. The option to collect digital signatures and upload photos to invoices and reports offers proof of work. The option to auto-generate custom reports spares field agents a ton of unproductive paperwork. They may file work completion reports and summary reports at the end of their shift, effortlessly.

ReachOut landscaping software integrates information, streamlines operations, and speeds up things. It eliminates inefficiencies and future-proofs the lawn care business.

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