Remote-Managing Window Cleaners: Here’s how Window Cleaning Software Helps

Window cleaning is an evergreen job, come hell, high water, or the coronavirus. But the job involves several risks. Scheduling, coordination, and technical challenges make the business even more difficult than it appears. Besides, occupational health hazards and injuries make window cleaning a high-risk job. 
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So, how can a window cleaning software help manage remote window cleaners better? 

1. Intelligent scheduling

A well-run field service business always schedules jobs well and delivers punctual services.
Intelligent scheduling allows remote window cleaners to finish more work orders in a day without wasting time on travel. A well-planned schedule reduces the chances of mistakes and omissions.
Upfront schedules render clarity to workers and improve productivity. It enables managers and supervisors to enforce greater control over operations.

  • Plot the routes and hand-out a schedule to the field workers at the start of the day. Without it, workers run hither-skechers from one end of the town, wasting resources and sapping their energy.
  • Break large territory into smaller regions. Assign specific teams to different areas, to deliver prompt service.
  • Deploy Machine Learning powered automated schedulers, integrated to the windows cleaning software. The algorithm matches the worker’s skill, experience, and current location in order to assign work orders. An intelligent cleaning management software ranks work orders based on priority, giving prominence to urgent works.

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With manual scheduling, contingency often causes chaos. Automated scheduling through cleaning management software enables flexibility. When customers have urgent jobs or want to reschedule appointments, the software helps make changes. Push notifications inform the customer, cleaners, and other stakeholders of the revised schedule. The software reschedules downstream changes automatically.

2. Track the Workers

Track worker movements through a smartphone app and GPS, integrated with the cleaning management software. Supervisors and managers get to make a proactive intervention to resolve any hold-up or delays. Customers get an accurate ETA of when the cleaners will arrive at their premises. Long-term analysis of GPS data allows us to unearth trends to improve work processes.
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3. Provision Resources

Unless window cleaning workers have the proper tools, equipment, and other resources, they cannot do their work.

  • Ensure adequate supplies of chemicals, towels, brushes, and mops. Ensure they carry the required equipment to the site. For instance, when cleaning high-rise windows from the outside, safety harnesses and helmets are mandatory.
  • Document the cleaning techniques, different chemicals and supplies, and other essential information. Allow field workers to access a checklist of protocols through the cleaning management software.
  • Link inventory management with window cleaning software to sync supplies with schedules.
  • Configure the windows cleaning software to reorder supplies when stocks run out. Stock supplies in advance, as COVID-19 regulations are disrupting supply chains in many places.

4. Organize Paperwork

Never underestimate documentation and paperwork in windows cleaning. Document the diverse methodologies, regulations, and other information. Make the relevant portions available to workers through the cleaning management software app.
Use a mobile field service app to keep paperwork in order.

  • Send quotes and invoices by email. Collect money through contactless payment modes.
  • Have checklists to guide workers through the job requirements. Include the cleaning techniques, chemicals to use, and safety procedures to follow. Deliver the correct work completion, inspection, and other forms through the mobile app. Enable automatic collection of information to the extent possible.

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5. Keep Open Communication with Cleaners

Remote workers often find themselves in the lurch due to lack of communication from supervisors.

  • Develop protocols for communication and sharing of information. Open sharing of information boosts employee morale. It also improves analytics.
  • Institute a system to communicate work orders, client briefs, and other information to cleaners.
  • Offer the relevant information through easily accessible mobile apps. When apps have a simple UX and deliver clear instructions, workers do not have to waste time seeking clarifications or cross-checking information.
  • Offer a robust chat option integrated to the windows cleaning software.

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6. Follow Safety Precautions

Having strict health protocols for workers in place is always a good idea, and more sure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow these precautions to pre-empt the spread of the virus to employees or customers:
 Make sure that workers:

  • Stay home if they have a temperature or if they are not keeping well.
  • Sanitize hands and premises before and after they enter the client premises.
  • Wear disposable shoe covers.
  • Use freshly laundered towels for each new job.
  • Avoid reusing cleaning materials.

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Use the window cleaning software to enforce these precautions. For instance, provision for an adequate inventory of clean towels. Record the worker temperature, hand sanitizing check, and other requirements as part of a pre-job checklist.
A well-integrated windows cleaning suite allows supervisors and managers to remotely control field operations without being intrusive. It enables making the right interventions at the right time, improves efficiency, saves money, and boosts customer satisfaction.
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