Is Your Cleaning Service Software Harming Your Business?

There is an increased awareness among people today about the advantages of outsourcing their cleaning requirements. Unlike the past days when cleaning businesses had only limited options to publicize the services they offer, the rise of technology and mobile apps have enabled cleaning businesses to streamline and digitize most of their functions such as booking of services, managing field agents, managing inventory, handling accounts, etc. 
In the current hyper-competitive age, it’s always a challenge to deliver top-notch customer service. Most of the service businesses, including cleaning service providers rely on service management software to improve efficiency and deliver better value for customers. A recent report predicts the global cleaning service software market to grow at a CAGR of 6.90% during the period 2020-2027.  
To deliver exceptional customer service, you need to ensure that your service software doesn’t fall short and stifle the business. Given below are six warning signs to recognize whether your cleaning business software is up to the mark or not.
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1. You need to make manual entries

Manual data entry and having to copy-paste information from one system to another are tell-tale signs that convey your software is not up to the mark. Employees using dysfunctional software spend more time on routine, administrative tasks.
Independent software for functional teams leads to data silos and opaque systems. The lack of transparency causes delays in responding to the customer, retards personalization, and leads to faulty analysis.
The best cleaning service software:

  • Encompasses all functions, from scheduling to invoicing, from inspections to inventory management, and more.
  • Integrates with other office software such as accounting software, HRIS, and CRM through APIs or connectors, and enables seamless data interoperability.

2. Experience inconsistencies or delays in invoicing

Manual invoicing, or the field agent calling the accounts team every time to update a completed work order means the cleaning business software is not up to the mark.
When the cleaning service software does not integrate invoicing, delays or errors creep up in invoicing. A field agent who communicates details over the phone is prone to make mistakes. Even if the field agent gives the correct information, the accounts team may get the details wrong, leading to data entry errors. At times, the invoice itself may slip through the cracks. Despite precautions and training, such human errors do happen. There is also a loss of productivity as the field agent wastes time on unproductive administrative tasks. All these lead to loss of revenue and reputation, cash flow issues, and bring down the competitiveness of the business.
The best cleaning business software is one that:

  • Pulls in data from various functions like work orders, CRM, and field agent’s mobile app. The cleaning service app should be able to scan objects, record data from IoT sensors, take inspection photographs, and update these records to job reports. The field agent may capture the customer’s digital signature as an acknowledgment of work completion.
  • Auto-generates invoices: The automated system records expenses and time with high accuracy. As soon as the field agent conducts the final inspection, the software auto-generates the invoice. The system transmits the invoice to the client through email or WhatsApp.
  • Option for field agents to collect instant payment: An automated set-up ensures contactless invoicing and payment, highly essential during the times of a pandemic.  
  • Updates the inventory and accounting module with details of the work order.

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3. Inaccurate quotes and a low conversion rate

If the cleaning business is preparing manual quotes, even with the aid of spreadsheets, it has an underpowered software.
Manual quote preparation requires information on labor, material costs, and transportation fares. Such information resides in different sources and tends to change often. Static quotes prepared using stale data rarely impress the customer.
A powerful cleaning service offers integrated quote management with:

  • Pre-built quote template for faster quote creation. Executives can generate quotes on-the-fly, with pre-set markups.
  • Seamless integration with various software like CRM, ERP, and accounting software to generate quotes based on up-to-date data. The clients get different quotes for different levels of service, prompting fast decision making.

4. Delays in solving bottlenecks or glitches

If service managers have to put in the effort to get information, dysfunctional or outdated software is part of the problem.
Seamless cleaning jobs depend on plotting routes, briefing the workforce, and provisioning materials. Amid such preparations, requirements change, work orders get canceled, and new urgent works come up. Even for scheduled work orders, unprecedented and unforeseen events need real-time intervention. A few minutes of delay can result in backlogs and delays.
The best cleaning service software provides visibility into field agent movements and other aspects of operations. 
Cleaning business software enables managers to:

  • Pin-point trouble spots that cause hold-ups. Real-time visibility and transparency into operational data enable managers to make prompt interventions.
  • Track field agent ETA and inform clients of any delay in arrival.
  • Have real-time information on parts, components, and material availability.

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5. Missed Service Level Agreements

Too many missed routine service is a tell-tale sign of the cleaning business software not performing up to the mark.
Opaque or stand-alone software leads to unstructured paperwork and mismanaged schedules. These issues inhibit business managers from identifying annual contracts due for renewal and honoring their obligations. Frustrated clients soon leave, leaving the business in the lurch.
An integrated cleaning service software:

  • Automates work orders. The software refers to the CRM and auto-creates new work orders based on the service agreement.
  • Maintains a perfect workflow, complete with checklists of tasks and inventory. Algorithms take care of scheduling, supplies dispatch, inspections, and invoicing.
  • Allow human agents to focus on the actual cleaning work. The increased focus and better responsiveness to customers improve customer satisfaction.

6. Technical Deficiencies

Software that crashes often and that isn’t compatible with mobile devices is another sign which proves the inefficiency of the application. Functionality aside, the technical quality of the software can make or break a cleaning service business.
The best cleaning service software is one that is:

  • Robust, and does not crash. The best software has a low risk of vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud-based, which offers anywhere, anytime access.
  • Offers separate mobile apps for field agents, marketers, supervisors, customers, and back-office tasks.

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Below-par software leaves business executives busy with non-productive activities and retards business growth. The best cleaning service generates an upward spiral in efficiency, customer goodwill, and profits. 
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