Competing as a Small HVAC Business – How Can A FSM Software Help

A field service software greatly benefits HVAC industries. Purpose-built FSM software automates and streamlines operations, enables managers to keep control over the business, integrate seamlessly with other systems of the enterprise, and offer several other benefits. However, do the benefits translate equally to big and small industries? Can small and medium industries recoup returns for the investments in the FSM software and compete effectively the same way a large business can leverage the investment through scale? Let’s find out!

1. Enables Better Coordination and Collaboration

Geographically dispersed HVAC work requires considerable coordination. Large enterprises deploying several teams simultaneously use the FSM suite to keep track of the movements of various teams, track progress, and render timely assistance to struggling teams.
However, even small and medium businesses with just one or two teams in the field at any given time can also benefit from the better coordination capabilities offered by FSM suites.
FSM suites offer information mobility, allowing remote teams access to real-time information from all relevant stakeholders – be it supervisors, managers, suppliers or customers. A small business may have only a limited number of expert technicians. Field service technicians and even trainees can connect to the expert technician seated at a central office or handling some other field job, and resolve any glitch requiring expert help. The FSM suite gets the job done with the available technician, without a revisit, waiting for a senior technician to be free.
FSM software even preempts the need for such repeat visits. The suite enhances visibility into the skill sets, certifications, work classification protocols, over time, contracted service levels, and several other difficult to track critical factors related to service technicians. The FSM suite factors in all these considerations before assigning the right technician to the right job. The suit would also flag any shortcomings, allowing managers to make timely amends or ad-hoc adjustments.
A field service software suite not only aids dynamic scheduling but is also a valuable guide to getting the job done the right way. Field technicians can conveniently refer to the FSM suite for flow charts, stage-by-stage instructions, checklists, and other resources to get the tasks on hand done seamlessly, without wasting time seeking instructions. Consider the installation of a large CNC machine. The FSM suite lays down the precise sequence of events, such as the install technician to connect the equipment to the power grid after the subcontractor installs the footings, and the electrical personnel to run the power after going through the laid-down checklist.

2. Propel Automation

 FSM suite automates several routines and non-remunerative clerical tasks such as compliance reporting, invoicing and more.
A field service software with automated cost management and invoicing capabilities records actual service labor and associated costs instantly. The suite identifies the services under warranty, any special pricing considerations in order, any pre-negotiated labor rates or parts discounts on offer, and several such nuances, which may be hard to track if done without using integrated software. Automation also improves billing speed and accuracy, removing the burden from the technician and shortening the billing cycle considerably.
Usually, the technician wastes valuable time in reporting. The FSM suite, by automating the process, allows the technician to service more clients, increasing ROI and competitiveness in a big way.
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3. Propel Ease and Convenience

An FSM software adds ease and convenience to business operations. It is possible to undertake many functions undertaken through the FSM software using spreadsheets, emails, and other stand-alone tools. However, such manual and ad-hoc attempts to invariably take more time and cause errors that lead to confusions, and generates unwanted stress. Field service technicians invest their time, completing reports, and administrative tasks when they should be deploying their skills at a client’s location. Likewise, without the insights offered by FSM software, the supervisor would have to manage by hunches and make decisions virtually blindfolded. Information received through the telephone can never replace the insight and control made possible through real-time tracking and automated updates offered by an FSM suite.

4. Enhances Inventory and Equipment Management

HVAC businesses across the board benefit from the inventory management and inventory replenishment capabilities offered by field service software. The system keeps track of the equipment taken out by each team, its return, and inventory levels. FSM automates periodic maintenance and refurbishment of equipment. Small and medium businesses no longer have to spare a valuable human resource, an asset to keep track of such non-revenue generating task. Accurate parts dispositions offered by the FSM suite save costs by allowing refurbishment of equipment rather than scrapping it.

5. Scalability

Small and medium businesses expect to grow big with time. With growth, the field service team not only gets bigger, but the service processes and technologies also become more sophisticated. Scalable field service software mitigates the complexity involved in sizing up to the growing customer demands.
No two businesses are alike. The best FSM suites cater to the unique nuances of the business. It pays to collaborate with an experienced provider who has delivered innovative software for successful businesses. An experienced and competent provider rolls out practical software to add power to the business and allows small businesses to leverage to the hilt, its key strengths such as nimbleness and ability to pay personal attention.
FSM suites deliver a 40% increase in technician productivity across the board, 20% increase in first-time fix rates, and offer a 95% rate for meeting customer SLAs. These figures, on which customer satisfaction rests, are worth its weight in gold for small and medium businesses, for who retaining a customer can make, or break the business. To find how ReachOut Suite can help your HVAC business flourish, contact our experts today! 

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