Many enterprises underestimate the importance of workplace safety. Safety management measures go much beyond keeping the workforce safe. Productivity, efficiency, and even the competitiveness of the business depend on safety. A safe workplace enables the workforce to do their job with confidence. By keeping the workplace safe, it staves off compensation claims. It also ensures workers remain committed to their jobs.

Safety management software has a positive impact on leadership and work styles to achieve such ends.

1. Structured Workflows

Several management studies establish the link between safety and leadership styles. The four primary leadership styles are transactional, transformational, relater, and overseer. All these bring many positive elements to workplace safety. But each style also has its potential blind spots that increase risk exposure. For instance, a major study in the energy industry concludes supervisors with overseer and relater leadership styles have significantly more injuries on their crews than leaders with transactional or transformational leadership styles.

Safety management software enables structured workflows to minimize the risks associated with leadership style. ReachOut, an enterprise field service suite, offers unbridled flexibility, allowing leaders to leverage their strong points when creating workflows. In addition, the checks and balances inherent in the software mitigate the risks and ensure adherence to safety standards.

2. Proactive Compliance

Any business has to go through several regulatory and compliance hoops. Agencies such as the EPA, NRC, Mining Health and Safety Administration (MSHA), and others lay down environment, health, and safety frameworks. Adherence to such standards ensures the integrity of operations, especially in high-risk industries such as aviation, rail, oil and gas, telecom, and power generation. Non-compliance has costly implications not just for the field force but for the customers and the entire ecosystem. It harms the reputation and the profitability of the enterprise.

Workplace safety software helps leaders enforce such compliance proactively. It also helps the workforce imbibe compliance requirements as part of their normal work routine.

A key instrument to enforce compliance is audits and inspections. Safety management co-opts policies, plans, and procedures. Periodic inspections make explicit the extent of compliance to such protocols—checklists to ensure safety at workplaces.

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Good safety management software enables managers to create custom checklists for different situations. For instance, proper signages, safety rails, handrails for three points of contact, and anti-slip tiles allow workers to give their full effort without fear. A field agent confident of his vehicle will leave the worksite at optimal speed without any hesitation. Such small nuances can make a big difference in confidence levels and also radiate positive energy.

ReachOut safety management software offers:

  • A forms marketplace with hundreds of ready-made templates created by subject experts. These templates suit just about every conceivable situation.
  • Option to upload stylized forms. Businesses may digitize their pen-and-paper forms and leverage the benefits of going digital. They do away with the learning curve required to adapt fresh forms.
  • Mobile apps with a user-friendly interface for field techs to conduct proper audits. Validation rules to ensure capturing information and performing steps in their proper order. Offline access to allow field staff in remote locations to timestamp inspections.

3. Better Predictive Maintenance

Neglected machines and equipment increase risk. Equipment failure and other issues related to machinery is common source of US OSHA violations.

A predictive and preventive maintenance program improves safety. Implementation depends on a culture of proactivity with efficient leadership. It requires imbibing the workforce with a mindset to pay attention to details and do things promptly.

Safety management software covers the back of a proactive workforce. It helps the enterprise keep track of the service schedules of each machinery, even if the numbers add up to hundreds or thousands of machines. The software tracks routine service schedules, performance testing, repairs, and replacements.

ReachOut workplace safety software offers seamless integration with field service software. The system:

  • Generates work orders and dispatches field agents to do preventive management tasks. Managers may orchestrate both emergency response plans and routine fixes with equal ease. The field agents are empowered to take the initiative, modify the work order as needed, make impromptu changes as per the situation on the ground.
  • Offer API connectors to link to other enterprise systems. Field agents may access the CRM and other databases for service history, manufacturer specifications, and other equipment-related information. They become tech-savvy and make informed decisions.
  • Offers analytical insights that reveal trends in equipment wear and repair histories. Such insights predict machine life cycles and likely replacements. Technicians may use such insights to carry along parts. Productivity improves manifold, and they become much more effective at work.

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4. Job Safety Analysis

One hallmark of a good leader is making sure work gets done with no glitches. Keeping the workforce and operations safe while ensuring optimal output defies the success of any leader.

Workplace safety software makes it easy to undertake job safety analysis. The software breaks each job into sequences and teaches technicians to avoid safety risks. It converts equipment records into a digital, actionable format. Managers get greater visibility into the conditions affecting worksite safety. Supervisors may track their employees digitally, in real-time. They may intervene to nip issues in the bud.

ReachOut safety management software helps to:

  • Allows enterprises to design and deploy field service apps to improve safety management metrics. Co-opting the latest technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, GPS, GIS, geofencing, and location-based services enables keeping a close track of things. Managers may, for instance, configure GPS to track the location of field techs and assets such as recovery vans.
  • Track every field agent’s training history and certifications. A successful leader balances the pressure to reduce the waiting period and assign a qualified technician for a job. A knowledge depository records the skills, competencies, and certifications of each agent. Linking the depository to the scheduling and dispatching system allows assigning qualified employees for the job. When employees operate equipment for which they do not have the right qualifications, certification, or experience, it increases the chances of mistakes and safety risks.
  • Delegate responsibilities to manage risk and adhere to regulations. A seamless work order management system makes it easy to delegate tasks with no ambiguity. A notifications system keeps every stakeholder in the loop and sends timely reminders.

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Investing in safety management software helps businesses retain employees and become more competitive. Employees prefer safe and professional work environments. Effective workplace safety management helps them become more effective at work, creating an upward spiral of positive work culture. To help you get started with an all-in-one enterprise safety suite, reach out to our team!

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