Earning the customer’s trust is the key to survival and success in today’s competitive field service business. It costs anywhere between 5x to 25x to gain a new customer, compared to keeping existing customers. Businesses that earn the customer’s trust gain far more than repeat business. Loyal customers become valuable brand advocates. 

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Here are five ways ReachOut service business management software builds customer confidence.

1. Intelligent scheduling

Delivering service fast is a key way to gain the customer’s trust and confidence.

ReachOut field service management software enables dynamic scheduling of field agents. On confirming a work order, the scheduler assigns the best technician, referring to the calendar.

  • The calendar makes explicit the list of open jobs. It draws from the skills database to ensure the suitability of the technician for the job.
  • The scheduler considers aspects such as the technician’s workload, holidays, and more, to ensure the business can keep the promise. Rescheduling an appointment is a primary factor for customer discontent.
  • API pulls in data from the inventory management suite, to confirm the availability of needed spares. Going with the right spares improves first time rate, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • The scheduler can make changes easily, if clients cancel an order, a technician calls in sick, or any other contingency develops.
  • Advanced work order capabilities allow adding multiple agents, to fulfil a complicated or delayed job. This allows meeting deadlines even if unexpected delays occur. The supervisor may configure tasks for individual team members, depending on their skills or abilities.

2. Dynamic dispatching and tracking

Customers value businesses that keep to their promises. And the biggest promise is honoring service commitments. Making a promise and not turning up leaves a bad taste in the mouth that lingers for a long time. Worse, is not informing customers about the delay or no-show. The customer would likely move away to a competitor at the first opportunity, and leave negative reviews.

With ReachOut field service management software,

  • The dispatcher tracks the best route to reach the destination. The shortest or the most obvious route need not always be the fastest or the best route. The suite considers traffic, condition of the road, and other conditions, to guide the agent through the best route.
  • GPS tracking offers a real-time location of the technician. Customers may get the live status of the assigned technician, on their smartphone. Supervisors, who also monitor the live status, may intervene to set right any unexpected delays or glitches.
  • Prompt notifications keep customers, supervisors and other stakeholders informed of updates and any changes. Prompt communications keeps the customer satisfied despite the inconvenience.

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3. Ready resources

Customers trust a business that can walk their talk. Walking the talk requires the field agents to have ready access to deliver promises.

ReachOut service business management software offers:

  • Dynamic quotes, allowing customers to get instant quotes for their requirements. Standardized and consistent quotes improves credibility and trust.
  • API that pulls in data from CRM, work order management software, and other enterprise databases. The technician may refer to the CRM for service history, customer preferences, and other details. They may refer to the work order for details of the work, standing instructions, any applicable offers, and other relevant details. The more prepared the technician is for the job, the more professional they portray to the customer. They will answer the customer’s questions with ease, do the job well, and leave a good impression.
  • Knowledge repositories, that store comments from technicians who have serviced the equipment earlier. Technicians may also access instruction manuals and other resources.
  • Downloadable inspection forms. The agent may download the right form and checklist for each audit or inspection, and do a comprehensive job. The forms marketplace offers hundreds of ready-made forms, curated by domain experts. Stylized forms allow enterprises to digitize their custom form, with their logo and other details. 

4. Strong collaboration

Seamless field service operations depend on robust collaboration tools. Field service operations take place outside the eye and direct control of supervisors and managers. A service business management software improves the visibility of operations and promotes transparency. It enables all stakeholders to keep in touch and clear confusion. 

ReachOut field service management software enables strong collaboration.

Field agents may:

  • Upload reports, with easy traceability and version control. Integration with email automates sending reports.
  • Contact supervisors, or even customers for clarifications and follow-ups. All communication gets documented. There is also the option to collect regular and prompt feedback.
  • Connect with a remote expert technician and get the job done the right way, the first time. A first-time fix improves trust and credibility in a big way.

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5. Create standard service protocols

A field maintenance software enables technicians to follow standardized processes. All customers get the same consistent experience, regardless of the technician servicing them. Without such protocols, each technician follows their own rules. Customer satisfaction and quality of service will be a hit or miss in such a situation.

ReachOut service business management software enables field service enterprises to enforce standardization. The business can also be flexible as the situation demands. The suite offers:

  • Work order management capabilities allow supervisors to keep a closer track of operations. Supervisors may intervene if there is any deviation from protocols or any unexpected glitches.
  • Flexibility for field agents to change the work order. The field agent examines the installation and diagnoses the situation. The actual situation may differ from the work order instruction.
  • Ability to generate invoices after work completion. Mistakes in invoices, even if inadvertent, make the business lose credibility. The field service management software uses geolocation data to record the time spent at the customers’ site. APIs pull in the data on rates, discounts, and other details from the work order.

Field technicians are the customer-facing representatives of the enterprise. They are often the only employees who engage with the customers face-to-face. ReachOut field service management software allows field agents to perform at their optimal best and earn the customers’ trust.

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