How ReachOut’s Digital Forms Enhance Your Field Agents’ Productivity

Field service businesses compete on efficiency in today’s fiercely competitive environment. They often find paperwork as the number one productivity wrecker. Paper notes, manual inspection checklists, and other paperwork are error-prone. These processes are resource-intensive and take away the time of your field agents. Your field techs could use the time better to serve more customers or engage in other productive, revenue-generating tasks. Automation and digitization can reduce manual efforts and save costs considerably. Automated digital forms make form completion easy and less-resource intensive. But the complexities of setting up digital forms prevent most field service businesses from adopting the same. This is where ReachOut comes to your rescue.  ReachOut’s Digital Forms Marketplace allows users to subscribe and download the templates they prefer. Users are free to choose any default template and use it as such or customize the template according to their specific requirements. 
How can your field service business benefit from ReachOut’s digital forms?

1. Intuitive Templates

ReachOut’s Digital Forms Marketplace offers a host of structured form templates, both free and paid. These templates cover a vast number of field service activities including work order forms, inspection forms, audit forms, maintenance forms, and a number of other forms, crafted by experts. 
These digital forms can be customized for almost all kinds of field service businesses including appliance repair, HVAC maintenance, vehicle inspection, cleaning services, computer repairs, construction, fire and safety, electrical, elevators, health, landscaping, plumbing, roofing, and more. You may use these templates to migrate your business operations around a digital model.
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Your field agents can use these templates to hit the ground running. For instance, an HVAC service business may select the inspection form template. The technician may use the template as it is or customize it to co-opt their unique work processes. They may include checklists with detailed guidelines or structure the form to carry out the inspection in a specific way.

2. Easy Replication of Paper-Based Forms

ReachOut’s customized digital forms deliver field agents the feel of paper-based form filling. It also allows them to leverage the benefits of digital forms, enabling the best of both worlds.
Many enterprises are reluctant to go digital owing to the changes it entails. Normally, digital transformation forces a change to the accustomed way of work. ReachOut’s Digital Forms Marketplace helps you with a seamless transition. 
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Our Digital Forms Marketplace offers several templates, giving your field agents the flexibility to choose a form that matches your existing paper form, or even simplify it.
Alternatively, your agents can share a PDF, Excel, Word, or image file of the paper form. ReachOut’s executives offer a quote for digitization. Upon confirmation of the design, the executives upload the form into your business account. You may share these customized forms with your field service executives.

3. Paperless Data Gathering

ReachOut’s digital forms for field service enable paperless data gathering. Digital forms can be integrated with the field service management suite to capture data electronically. 
Your field executives may input form fields using conventional typing methods. They may also use Apple Pencil to jot down data on styled forms, to replicate the paper-based experience to the fullest.
Using the Apple Pencil is straightforward. Access the styled form, and open the app for handwriting recognition. Write the text. Hit the three dots on the upper right, select copy, place the tracker on the relevant field, and press paste. The details appear in the respective field. Users have the option of selecting checkboxes and adding notes to selected fields. Handy options such as the ability to adjust screen size for comfortable viewing add to the UX.
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4. Efficiency Improvements

Better efficiency translates to the business becoming more competitive. It improves customer satisfaction, leading to an upward spiral in new customer acquisition and profits. And that’s exactly what ReachOut’s new digital forms help you with.
Using ReachOut’s digital forms lead to efficiency improvements that manifest in the following ways: 

  • Improved accuracy: The field service management suite ensures the agent downloads the right form, without error.
  • Better accessibility and convenience: Field executives access the required forms on their smartphones. They do not have to carry inconvenient paper forms or files when they travel from site to site. Digital forms also save field employees from misplacing or losing paper-based documents. 
  • Reduced turnover time: The field service software transmits the form in real-time. Supervisors and managers get live insights on work completion. The information has a short lifespan in today’s fast-paced world. By the time the field agent reaches the office and submits the paper form, the information in it may already have become stale or outdated. Digital forms ensure real-time transmission of data from forms to back-office systems.
  • Seamless processes: Digital forms delivered through the field service app have pre-set instructions and routes of transmission. The form transmits only when it’s complete and reaches the right person. Such checks reduce miscommunications and make work processes more seamless.
  • Branding: Customers have the option to touch up the forms in the marketplace, including paid and free forms, to reflect the brand identity.

ReachOut Suite rolls out periodic releases. Each release allows customers to leverage the latest and the best technology offers. The new digital forms for field service enable better stakeholder engagement, improve the efficiency and productivity of field agents, and increase return on investment. 
Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can access ReachOut’s digital forms, customize, and use them to carry out your field operations seamlessly. 

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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