Field service management is becoming challenging by the day.

Today’s customers are more fickle than ever before. They change their requests frequently and demand instant service.

The business environment is fluid and becoming more uncertain. Business needs and circumstances change, and along with it, field service requirements also vary. More and more customers demand instant services. A demanding customer base and a competitive environment make any downtime.

The world is becoming digitized. Customers and businesses alike prefer to engage in digital means. And among the various digital options, Mobility tops the list of preferences. Field service suites are no different. Cloud-based field service suites, accessible through mobile phones, are the in-thing.

The constant shift in work culture

The work culture is changing. Post-pandemic, hybrid, and remote work will remain the dominant way of work. The workforce is also becoming fragmented.

Companies are also outsourcing extensively to overcome the skill shortage. However, skill training has not kept pace with technical advancements, leading to a shortage of skilled employees. Therefore, companies resort to outsourcing to bridge the gap.

There is a shortage of field workers as well. Enterprises grapple with replacing old hands and struggle to find committed replacements. Automation and improved efficiency is the short-term solution to such staff shortage. A digital-enabled operation helps to attract and keep the younger workforce.

For the field service business, the utility of a smartphone goes much beyond keeping in touch with a remote workforce. Instead, mobility becomes a powerful tool to improve efficiency and overcome emerging challenges.

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1. Scheduling Jobs

Field service scheduling is not as easy as it seems. Matching field agents to jobs requires finding out agents near the worksite. Next, the embedded algorithms ensure such agents do not have any other jobs assigned to them during the time. Lastly, the scheduler must ensure the agent has the certification and experience to do the job. An automated field service suite matches the right agent with the right job and reassigns the job when cancellations occur. The software also validates the working hours and leaves when assigning jobs. It also plots jobs, so agents do not have to cross-cross the town to complete their assigned jobs.

2. Smart Tracking

The field service app uses the smartphone’s GPS feature to offer real-time tracking of field agents. Understanding the location of a field agent offers advantages, such as:

  • Offering accurate ETA to waiting customers, assuring them.
  • Tracking the live performance of agents to intervene proactively in cases of delay.
  • Calculate the time spent at each customer location for invoicing and payroll. The field service app automates the timesheet.

3. Staying Updated

Information is power. A field agent becomes much more effective if he has access to the latest customer and service history information. The smartphone app of the field service suite integrates with the enterprise CRM and provides the latest information. The app also allows the field agent to connect with senior experts for help. First-time fixes improve, as a result, increasing customer satisfaction.

How ReachOut help?

ReachOut offers a robust, intuitive, and affordable cloud-based field management suite. The suite makes maintaining service quality effortless. The ReachOut app digitizes quotes and converts incoming requests into tickets. The easy drag-and-drop scheduler makes assigning jobs to field agents seamless. Schedulers may assign a job to multiple agents, with individual responsibilities for each team member.

Integrated dashboards offer complete visibility into operations. Managers may control the workforce from a centralized panel.

Seamless linkage to CRM and other enterprise databases ensures the free flow of information. This facilitates easy analytics and provides live information to all stakeholders. In addition, email configuration integrates communication to field service operations.

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ReachOut’s powerful mobility features for field agents

ReachOut offers a host of mobility features that improve workflows. The zero paperwork and real-time updates make the app a powerful tool that boosts agent productivity and efficiency. They work even offline and sync to the suite when online.

The intuitive home screen offers easy navigation to different sections, including:

  • My Jobs: The module features four tiles for current, upcoming, complete, and overdue jobs. Each module lists the status of the jobs listed in the category. Tapping on the tile offers the full details of the job. Quick search options make it easy to find a specific job or filter jobs based on start date, priority, and status. Color-coded labels offer easy visibility, to identify the status of each listed job. The real-time push notifications alert field agents of extra work, schedule changes, and reminders.
  • My Inventory: which opens the Inventory modules. ReachOut offers robust connectors and APIs that integrate well with the inventory suite. The module shows the list of parts allotted to the field agent by the service manager. The agent can view allocated parts (on hand option) and start a return of the allotted item. A powerful search bar makes it easy to find assigned parts or components.
  • Routing: The suite integrates with maps to offer route optimizations. Field agents get the best routes to reach their worksite, factoring in the distance, traffic, and other considerations. The routing option lets the field agent add and view scheduled options on the map. The “fetch route” option displays the recommended routes between the selected locations.

The app also allows field agents to download mobile-optimized digital forms. Digital forms improve workflows and make inspections seamless. Agents may download readymade documents for any workflow. They may also upload stylized custom forms to suit their time-honed workflows and/or co-opt branding elements. They may even replicate open-and-paper forms using Apple pencil. Field agents may enlarge the screen and write according to their convenience. They may also use the feature to take customer signatures on the spot. The app leverages the smartphone’s camera to take videos and images and co-opts it in forms and reports.

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The check-in and check-out features make it easy to calculate the number of hours spent at a customer’s premises. The suite calculates this information to automate invoicing and payroll.

ReachOut Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

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