Enhance the Capabilities of ReachOut FSM with Robust Software Integrations

ReachOut Suite Enterprise edition enables enterprises to manage complex field service activities. The field service software streamlines your workflows and delivers powerful functionality that makes your work process easy. ReachOut FSM offers rich integrations with other enterprise systems such as accounting, inventory management, ERP, and CRM suites. Read on to understand how your business can benefit by leveraging ReachOut’s integration capabilities. 
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How third-party software integration makes ReachOut more resilient?

A field management suite is incomplete without integration to essential enterprise software. At the same time, adding features already covered by your existing enterprise software bloats your field management suite. It is akin to reinventing the wheel. Rediscovering existing functionality in other software wastes your precious time and resources. Also, the new software brings in change, with avoidable disruptions.
Connectors enable your enterprise to sync different enterprise systems. Your enterprise may continue using the incumbent software and work according to your habituated patterns. At the same time, software integration ensures the free flow of data.
Seamless integration of ReachOut FSM with multiple enterprise software delivers several other spin-off benefits as well.

1. Speeds up service

The integration allows pulling in data from one system to another and spares you from the need to double-check records for accuracy. Re-keying information or even manual copy-paste is time-consuming and error-prone.

2. Automates data transfer

When your field service app auto-generates an invoice, it pulls in data from your quote management system. When your customer makes a payment, the details get updated to your accounting suite in real-time.

3. Eases inventory concerns

Integrated field service software tracks the flow of products and updates transactions automatically. The sync between systems enables your dispatchers to confirm the availability of parts and spares before scheduling a work order. Your field agents do not have to make a revisit for want of spares.

4. Automates payroll

Integrating field service with payroll makes your payslips accurate. The system factors in the number of hours worked, overtime, leaves, and other data.
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FSM Software

ReachOut FSM enterprise edition integrates with:

  • Accounting software such as QuickBooks and Zoho
  • Invoicing software such as FreshBooks
  • Payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe
  • Communication software such as Slack
  • File-sharing suite such as Dropbox
  • Customer support software such as Freshdesk
  • CRM platforms such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Odoo
  • ERP software such as SAP
  • Enterprise cloud platforms such as InfinCE
  • Training platform such as UpSkill

Integrating ReachOut with third-party software is easy and straightforward

Follow these simple steps on your ReachOut field service app to accomplish integrations with any chosen software:

  1. From the ReachOut menu, navigate to the Settings > Preferences > Third Party Integrations.
  2. Make the selections, and tweak settings as needed. Choose to sync customers, invoices, payment details, or any other data as required.
  3. Click “Connect” to complete the integration. The sync takes place automatically.

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Field Service Accounting

Integrating ReachOut with accounting, invoicing, and payments software

Most enterprises prioritize integrating ReachOut with their accounting applications. Such integration syncs field data and financial data in real-time. It makes the field service suite more functional and accurate.
ReachOut offers deep integration with Quickbooks and Xero accounting software. It also provides seamless integration with PayPal, Stripe payment processing software, and Freshbooks invoicing software. Integrated accounting, invoicing, and payment collection saves time and improves efficiency. Automation spares field agents from distractions, allowing them to stay focused on their core tasks.
QuickBooks allows a business to maintain client-wise and vendor-wise accounts. It automates many indispensable, non-value-adding activities such as invoicing and report preparation. When your field agents spend time on such activities, they spend lesser time servicing customers. This impedes their productivity and adds to their work stress.
Integration of ReachOut with QuickBooks syncs inventory parts and components listed in QuickBooks. Your field agents may process transactions on the go. Field reps can use the ReachOut app to capture data of transactions that take place in the field. Such data exports to QuickBooks in near real-time and gets reflected in invoices and reports.

Integrating ReachOut with CRM and ERP Software

ReachOut allows seamless integration with the top CRM platforms such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Odoo. It also extends the seamless integration to Odoo ERP and SAP ERP software.
Data silos or the inability to transfer data from existing software inhibits the smooth working of a field management suite. If your field agent is unable to access CRM data, they will walk in blind. The field agent cannot track customer preferences or even the service history. 
Seamless integration of ReachOut with the CRM allows field agents to access customer data through the field service app. The agent gets the latest information on the customer he/she is about to call. The field agent can track service history and identify the most probable issue. The field technician is aware of the promise made by the customer support team, such as a speedy resolution, and can apologize for any delay.

Integrating ReachOut with communication software

ReachOut’s seamless integrations extend to communication software such as Slack.
Frictionless communication is an essential requirement for successful field operations. Field service managers and supervisors operate in a blind spot. In most cases, they do not have the required technology to access data in real-time for making prompt interventions. Field agents working in remote locations also remain cut off from their offices. They are often forced to hold the work or wait for long when unexpected complexities arise. Integrating ReachOut with leading communication software like Slack infuses the field service app with dynamism. Slack enables structured communication with the team. It facilities a structured way to communicate and ensures traceability for all messages. Critical information does not slip through the crack.
Integration with Dropbox file sharing software makes it possible to share large files with the team members. The field agent could capture image and video files during inspections and as proof of work completion. The large size of these media files makes transferring through email difficult. An integrated Dropbox makes the process easy and also ensures all relevant stakeholders get these files.

Integrating ReachOut with customer support software

Integrating ReachOut with customer support software such as Freshdesk further keeps field agents in the loop. Offering sales agents access to the customer support data enables customized service. The client does not have to repeat the instructions.
ReachOut integrates seamlessly with multiple software. It offers the data through a simple, integrated dashboard. The life of the business owner or manager becomes easy. Viewing information and controlling different aspects of operations becomes convenient through a central console. ReachOut’s intuitive mobile app helps in managing multiple business functions from anywhere.
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Service Management Software

Integrating ReachOut with InfinCE and Up-Skill

InfinCE is a digital workplace orchestration platform that offers all the software, cloud servers, IT infrastructure, and technical services a business needs to operate from anywhere – all in one place. By integrating ReachOut with this innovative virtual collaboration platform, your field agents can collaborate with their admins, exchange messages, and work from anywhere seamlessly. You can quickly set up a website and build an online presence for your field business when integrating your ReachOut app with InfinCE. You will also get dedicated IT support and software support services from InfinCE through this integration.
Up-Skill is a competency-based training platform that combines advanced technology, quality content, and expertise to discover the potential and maximize the productivity of your workforce. Integrating Up-Skill to ReachOut app allows you to train your workforce -field agents- by offering custom-designed training courses. You can also add external training content or tailor the content according to your business requirements. The integration allows you to build a skilled and competent workforce.
Are you interested to know more about the flexible and valuable software integrations offered by ReachOut? Drop us a message, and our consultant will get back to you shortly. 

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