An electric service business is an evergreen realm. But the business is also rife with challenges. For starters, the work takes place at the client’s premises, leaving managers with no direct control of the work. Schedulers struggle to ensure electricians turn up at the client premises on time, fully equipped to do the job. Many clients have emergency needs, necessitating changes in schedules and disrupting downstream jobs. Today’s competitive business environment demands deep digitalization. Profitability depends on streamlining workflows, digitized inspections, and instant invoicing.

Field service software helps electrical service businesses overcome these challenges.

Key components of a Field Service Suite

1. Work order management

A comprehensive field management suite integrates quotes and ensures seamless data transfer. The support team generates a ticket when a customer accepts a quotation or makes a service request. The field management suite converts the ticket to a work order.

The integrated scheduler automates scheduling. High-end field management suite co-opts machine-learning algorithms for intelligent scheduling. The algorithm matches the skill-sets of the electrician with the complexity of the work order. It assigns the electrician with the right skills, certificates, and experience to execute the work. Likewise, the scheduler optimizes job assignments for electricians. Electricians move linearly, spending minimum time on the roads and maximum time at the client’s premises. Integration with maps guides the electricians to the best routes to their next port of call. Likewise, integration with inventory ensures the electrician has the right tools and spares. First-time fix rates increase.

The dynamic nature of field service operations makes automated scheduling especially handy. For example, all downstream jobs get delayed when an electrician gets delayed at a job site. The algorithm reassigns jobs automatically, factoring in different permutations and combinations. Prompt notification to customers, reassigned technicians and other stakeholders keep everyone informed.

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2. Streamlined workflows

A field management suite streamlines the workflow of the electrical service company. Routing processes through the field management suite ensures consistency and eliminates slack. It also ensures traceability and accountability for each task. Structured forms and checklists aid work completion. The electrician may use the smartphone’s camera to click images of work done as proof of work completion and upload them with reports. Likewise, they may collect the customer’s electronic signatures.

The smartphone’s geolocational capabilities make tracking the electricians on duty easy. Customers get the ETA of their assigned electricians. Supervisors may intervene to resolve any issues.

The field service app also automates audits, inspections, and reporting. Auto-generated reports pull in relevant information, including rich media from various databases. The suite dispatches custom reports to managers, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders. Electricians no longer have to waste time on unproductive administrative tasks.

3. Automated invoices

A good field service suite generates invoices automatically. The suite collects information from the quote, the CRM, timesheets, and other sources and generates detailed invoices. Integrated electronic payment options allow customers to pay up instantly. In addition, real-time sync with the accounting databases, CRM, and payroll ensures the integrity of back-office processes.

Top must-have apps for your Electrical Start-up

Not all field service apps deliver the above benefits. Using outdated first-generation software may slow down work and create confusion. Select from these best field service software suitable for electrical work contractors.

1. ReachOut Suite

ReachOut Suite offers robust functionalities. A dynamic ticketing system generates client tickets to work orders, ensuring fast services. The suite makes it easy to assign work orders to electricians and track their progress. Advanced scheduling options allow assigning work to teams. Schedulers may also assign specific responsibilities to individuals within the team. Scheduling syncs with leave management and work hours automatically preempt clashes. Intuitive drag-and-drop calendars make job assignments and change easy. Integration with maps ensures electricians reach their worksite fast, through the best routes.

Advanced notifications to update technicians and customers on upcoming schedules, dispatches, and cancellations. Electricians may download custom forms or upload stylized forms tailored to the business’s unique needs. The suite leverages smartphone GPS capabilities to enable real-time tracking of field agents. The suite also allows for paperless data gathering that boosts productivity manifold. Customer depositories offer detailed information about the client. APIs and connectors ensure the free flow of information across databases. Intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use apps offer pipeline views. The suite leverages such information to generate instant invoices. The robust security features ensure process integrity.

2. Signpost

Signpost is another handy app for electrical service providers. The suite connects customers with businesses. Advanced support for marketing automation helps marketers remain connected with leads. Easy access to customer information and other data eases the work of customer support teams. The suite also offers robust feedback functionality. Customers may give feedback about technicians easily. The app also enables technicians to chat and communicate with customers. Integration with Quickbooks offers instant payment methods.

3. FaceTime

FaceTime video conferencing tools boost collaboration. Field technicians may connect with other experts to settle a doubt or connect with their office for clarifications.

Other video conferencing tools, such as Skype, GoToMeeting, or Zoom, also serve the purpose.

4. QuickBooks

Quickbooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software. The app allows field technicians to capture expenses, keeping the business updated in real-time. Quickbooks integrates with most field service software, including ReachOut. Automatic updates spare technicians the hassles of manual data entry and ensure 100% accuracy.

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5. Technical resources

Several apps offer a wealth of technician resources for field electricians. 

  • Master Electrician Reference

Master electrician reference is a popular service app among electrical technicians. This app offers a wealth of information, including formulas, tables, charts, and pictures. A scientific calculator allows users to apply on-page formulas without calculating sums manually. Handy search functionality makes accessing information easy. Technicians may also monitor their work orders and get remote access to customer and work order information.

  • Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Electrical Engineering Dictionary provides advanced electrical terminology and calculations. The app explains over 3,000 terms. It also features an intuitive quiz that tests the users’ familiarity with industry terms.

  • Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s electrical references offer several calculators, video tutorials, HD images, and interactive tables. Users may also use the app to convert area, length, temperature, time, volume, and weight. These resources offer a valuable treasure house of handy information for field technicians. Some of the specific resources available through this app include:

  • Ohm’s Law Calculator
  • NEMA wiring configurations

6. Utility apps

Some handy utility apps enrich the field electrician’s effectiveness and help them work better.

  • ElectroDroid PRO

ElectroDroid PRO allows electricians to make complex calculations on the go. The app offers calculators for resistor ratios, decibel converters, frequency converters, and more.

  • DeWalt Mobile Pro

DeWalt Mobile Pro™ is a general construction calculator. Electricians may compute square footage, convert measurements, and do foot-inch math using this app. In addition, integrated reference materials explain vital terms.

  • EveryCircuit

EveryCircuit makes it easy to prototype, test, and debug circuits and visualize the working of each component of the circuit. Interactive graphs, illustrations, and simulations make each phase’s effect explicit in a circuit.

  • Electromagnetic Detector EMF: 

Electromagnetic Detector EMF helps users detect EMF radiation. These apps detect EMF spikes and help field technicians operate safely.

Success in today’s Industry 4.0 world depends on digitizing your business. Start-ups may set up robust digital systems from the world without the drag of inefficient and obsolete legacy systems. Instead, opt for the field service suite with comprehensive functionality and robust features. Established field service suites offer a wealth of experience that benefits your business.

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